Transcending Contradictions

We want only what we are deprived of. Like if you eat mangoes everyday – you want an apple. If you eat apples everyday, you want a mango. The same with culture, if you are in one culture then you dream to move to another. If all the cultures you know are similar, then you dream to escape into a culture that is opposite of all that you have experienced. Simultaneously there is also the need for security, belonging, sex and so on. So there are a bunch of crazy contradictions that are paralyzing when it comes to decision making. How is one to make a decision in the face of so many overwhelming contradictions? The goals of the higher chakras contradict with the lower ones causing compromises for one or the other. That explains the decision paralysis because I can see that there is no way I can win, so where do I move to win if I see dead ends everywhere. Nothing, just sit, observe and digest the state of mind.  How do I handle the face of – there is nowhere to go, nothing to do, no way to absolutely win? It is this understanding that liberates.

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