From Human Being to Consciousness

I only need to study the limitations of consciousness.That is the real nature of everything.That is the highest possible frame.Consciousness is the highest abstract truth.Everything else is an imagined subset.I do not need to bother about the limitations of mind, limitations of culture, limitations of the body, limitations of the external world, limitations of other people, limitations of social structures, limitations of prevailing social patterns/social dynamics/organizations, limitations of physical laws(like all of newtons laws or even quantum science)…….Nothing.

All those entities are imagined frames/concepts/super concepts but they are still only potentials of consciousness. Does the world exist in your consciousness OR does consciousness exist in the world? On deeper observation isn’t is obvious that the former is true?

What is my real potential/capability/power? This question should be put to consciousness. The question should be what are the limitations/powers of consciousness (which is me)? The true identity is consciousness and not a human being in a body.

Because I am consciousness, not a human being, not a mind, not a body, not a person, not a living thing and so forth. Those are all inside my consciousness (and nothing else exists, other people’s imagined consciousness is also part of my imagination/consciousness). Even saying ‘my’ implies a personal nature, which is incorrect. Consciousness is impersonal and exists singularly. Consciousness is the substratum for everything. It is singular, ONE. Multiplicity exists as a potential of consciousness. Consciousness is the container of all containers, the class of all classes, the final frontier, the ultimate frame for understanding existence.

Settling for any other frame even slightly less than consciousness is selling yourself short. Even religious beliefs, some of them maybe higher up in the ladder, but still not really reaching the highest frame. Why settle for anything less? apart from the unspeakable direct experience (speech/verbal thought is only a potential of consciousness after all). The noumenon, prajna, witness, non-dual awareness, Observer (note the capital ‘O’ since it observes even the smaller observers) are some of the words that come to mind.

WhatEVER you think it is, it is not that because then you have reduced its infinite nature to some kind of frame/thought/concept/paradigm/meta-paradigm and so forth. You have narrowed its potential in your attempt to describe it in language which is itself limited again. It is not definable by language at all. Its like trying to describe your computer screen by the wallpaper on your desktop. That is only one of the potentials of your computer screen.

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