Reality Perception: How Words Shape Experience

Reality Perception:
Every word you present to yourself is a ‘symbol of a certain quality’. Since words are carriers for qualities, the words you use fill your mind with the corresponding qualities they represent. Words therefore directly affect reality perception. Now lets say, we have a undesirable quality X and a desirable quality Y. We also have logical operator words like not, don’t etc.

The negative logical operator words like not, don’t only indicate ‘resistance or defense’ against the basic quality laid out.

For Example: Don’t do X, then X is the quality dominating the reality screen. The ‘Don’t’ just adds resistance against the quality X. 
So all that there is in the reality screen is: 1. A quality X, 2. Resistance against X (by the ‘don’t’ phrase.)

In other words, ‘Don’t do X’ does not imply you’ll experience Y (Y being the desired action). 
In your direct experience, the only 2 things that would exist would be quality X and a resistance to quality X. 
Your external behavior however may indicate that Y is dominating your awareness, but in your internal experience (which is what really matters), you are not experiencing Y at all.

In mathematics -(-1) = +1. 
This is not true/not applicable in direct experience. -(-1) stays as it is, as its own quality, and does not become +1.

A more concrete example: 
If a person tells himself ‘Don’t be bad’, the quality ‘bad’ dominates his awareness and he resists this quality by the word ‘don’t’. He does not feel the quality of ‘good’ at all. Though externally this person’s actions would appear like the quality ‘good’ is dominating his reality, but it is not so.

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