Nature of gain/loss meaning/meaninglessness, attachment and manifestation

Supposing you lose your eyes, a certain kind of experience is lost and only stays in memory henceforth. Isn’t that the same for even trying out drugs like cocaine, meth, ecstasy, psychedelics etc.? Where you get a certain experience for a certain time and then its gone and it only resides in your memory after that. Aren’t all of our experiences like that, i.e. stepping into a different river every-time?

Then why are we afraid of losing our eyes? Taking it further, why are we afraid of losing anything? Are we afraid of losing that flavor of experience? Are we afraid because of survival difficulty? What is survival anyway? Maintaining this mega-frame of a self-outside distinction?

Is all pain, a fear of loss of some kind? Pain of – loss of someone you love, loss of your own body, loss of certain experiences, loss of certain mental abilities, loss of senses, loss of certain flavors of perceptions?

Does it mean, pleasantness is gain of any kind – loved ones, senses, extension of body, experiences, mental abilities, flavors of perception?

Loss can only happen to the things we are attached to. Why are we attached to certain things and not others? On examination doesn’t it seem silly? Is attachment entirely based in unawareness? Can attachment exist when you are fully aware? Why should we be attached to any frame of mind, any object of perception?

Why should we be attached to this experience of the mega-frame of being a separate person(I, me, mine) in an external world?
Why should we be attached to the frame of possessing things (mine frame)?
Why should we be attached to others perception of us(me frame)?
Why should we be attached to certain qualities which we identify as us (‘I’ frame)?
Is it because it is circularly reinforced by every person we meet who believes in the same thing? Are we continuously re-hypnotized into believing these frames? What is the cost of not giving in to these frames everyone believes in? Is a certain deep chunk of unawareness the only reason for existence of this waking manifestation plane as a separate person?

Is this flavor of experience there just for the variety of it? Out of the infinite combinations, is this experience manifesting just for the fun of it? It doesn’t seem like there could be any purpose, because purpose itself is an appearance. It seems like the only reason for the existence of this ‘experience’ is just for the novelty and meaning of it. It is a dream, a particular kind/flavor of dream just for the experience of it. If you were God, how else would you enjoy yourself besides creating these sublime dreams!

It seems like total awareness is God itself, the way to reach God is just by expanding awareness to the whole of experience. The only reason why dreams can exist without the dreamer knowing that he is dreaming is unawareness. Maybe this unawareness is there just for the fun and meaning of it, so that this kind of meaningful experience is possible.
There is meaning in meaning and meaning in meaninglessness, meaning is eternally there.

Meaning and meaninglessness:

Presence of presence of hope is meaning. 
Presence of absence of hope meaninglessness. 
But both are ‘Present’ and equally valid complete experiences.
Presence is eternal (Absence is also a kind of presence).

There is meaning(implicit) in meaninglessness(explicit), there is meaninglessness(implicit) in meaning(explicit). 
Just like light and dark, where dark is implicit in light(explicit) and light is implicit in dark(explicit). They are inseparable. 
When meaning is in the foreground/explicit and meaninglessness in the background/implicit then your life is filled with riches and hope.
When meaninglessness is in the foreground/explicit and meaning is in the background/implicit then your life is filled with poverty/scarcity and lack/despair.

Also, meaninglessness potentiates meaning. Greater the meaninglessness you have experienced, greater is your potential to feel meaning relative to the amount of the former experienced.
Meaning potentiates meaninglessness. Greater the meaning experienced, greater the potential for meaninglessness when the factors creating meaning are removed.
They both create each other mutually.

Even in life and death, you are most afraid of death when you feel the most alive. If you are in an ordinary mood/ordinary day then your fear of death would be lower too.

The movement is like a pendulum, greater you pull on one side, greater is the distance reached on the other because the potential energy thus created. All experience is therefore complete, whether it is 30% kinetic and 70% potential or vice versa, kinetic + potential = same in all cases. The ‘Yin+Yang  = Unity’ in all snapshots.

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