Insights on weed – Jun 28, 2014

– Every thing in reality is a movement of consciousness you are doing.
– Movement to go deeper, extricate emotion connection to the ‘basic more superficial feeling’.

Scan of chakras: Functions
– Crown – transcendent, beyond, connection to other fundamentally different realities. (7-D)
– Forehead – vision, clarity, seeing, connection to other realities and modes, non-duality perception possible. (6-D)
– Throat – saying something very emotionally, doing (5-D)
– Heart – love, interest, fascination (4-D)
– Solar plexus – bliss projected, opening up emotional frame, center of will, what is going on is right (agreeable, accepted) (3-D)
– Sexual – desire, pain, pleasure (2-D)
– Root – reptilian instincts of fear and safety. (1-D)

– To go beyond the body concept, just shift attention to non-body elements.
– 6th or Thinking creates another experience, its another movement kind, it does not help you see what’s actually happening.
– I can move consciousness in different ways by giving energy to any of these centers.
– Reality creation is from attention.
– The sixth does not control the other chakras. I only think it does. In fact it adds more movement and also creates the appearance of it doing it – delusion. All activity of the sixth is a delusion because the thought space can completely change.
– Im living in a mental universe if I’m living in the 6th.
– Imagine a brain in each center. And when focusing on one, imagine there is only a brain there and just the cord.
– Even all that I have written now is an illusion , even the notion of a body and its outlines is an illusion.
– This world is created by the spirit and it can instantly materialize a world (one of the worlds has the notion of a body and focusing on it). But we are believing this world and the belief is the unconscious energy that solidifies it for us.
– Each chakra is a vortex extending mostly forward and more backward vs sideways.
– I’m imagining this world up. The spirit is imagining this whole world body and all systems up. Withdrawing this projection will end the world. The forehead can move to different worlds and realities.
– There is no part of me being aware, or doing the awaring, I am just aware. If I am using the 6th chakra to be aware, then it is a particular flavor of it. There is a different flavor when I am not using the 6th and directly looking. But I get my personal model of reality interpretation from the 6th.
– Persistent dream created because I have not given fine attention to how I am projecting this out.
– Everything is made up of my stuff.
– With open eyes there is a particular flavor of reality. When I close my eyes and imagine my body another flavor. When I focus on images and movement of the 6th, another flavor (disappearance of the body/world model).
– The 6th is dreaming the world up, thats why it can lucid dream.
– Speed of change and movement increases as I move to higher chakras. The lowest is the most stable and slow moving, connection to solidity, feeling of permanence. As I move higher, its easier to change/modulate the chakra energy.

Scan of chakras: Emotion speed and intensity
– 7th – Transcendent level intensity emotion
– 6th – speed of thought, movement of perception. Reality changing intensity emotions, flash of insights level.
– 5th – Throat is at the speed of expression – through singing, subvoc, playing musical instrument, very high intense emotions.
– 4th – care, concern, softness, gentleness, very moving/touching, really feeling, high intense emotions – love/hate
– 3rd – feelings of safety/insecurity, medium intensity emotions.
– 2nd – Stable primitive slow moving emotions, giving sense of permanence.
– 1st – Very very slow moving emotions, root instincts, preservation
– Meditating on the lower 3 chakras gives sense of stability and security and slow movingness.

– The upper 4 chakras are faster moving, dynamic, swiftly dancing in movement getting faster and faster as we move higher.
– Seeing multiple worlds themselves would be in the 6th to 7th.
 – Chakras are a particular flavor of this (manifestation plane) accessed by 6-D and put down by the 7-D.
– 6th contains the belief filter and gives permission to the chakras to open and release according to the interpretation.

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