Is Life Pre-determined(Destiny) or do we have a choice?

This is an interesting question. As I ponder over this question, I realize its surprisingly complex.

I could say:
It was my choice to do this right now.

It was my destiny that I would choose to do this right now

It was my choice to think in this way that ‘It was my destiny to make this specific choice right now’.

I was destined to make this choice to think that ‘It was my choice to choose to think that it is my destiny to make this choice right now.

….and so forth.
It is like an infinite thought sandwich.
…choice – destiny – choice – destiny – choice – destiny – choice – destiny…

Its like 2 mirrors facing each other and reflecting each other infinitely.

Choice is reflected by destiny. Destiny is reflected by choice.

They both are inseparable from each other, since they mutually create each other.

If everything was destined, how can choice exist. Things would happen exactly as per the pre-determined. Also if that were the case, even the word destiny would be meaningless because what would you compare it against.

If we had absolute choice, then you would do exactly what you want to do, when you want to do it.

In this case, destiny is meaningless, but what does ‘choice’ even mean in that case, if that is the one and only reality anyway?

So the 2 concepts are a dualistic pair. Just like all the other dualistic concepts – light/dark, day/night, happiness/sadness etc. The duality pairs mutually create each other simultaneously. They appear together and disappear together. If one exists, the other is inevitably implied.

In fact that’s where the entire play of creation stems from the splitting of the Absolute ONE into TWO. There is no creation without duality (Creation/destruction duality is implicit even when you use the word creation).

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