Part 2: Infinite thought sandwiches/interwoven spirals

Infinite sandwich like manifestation happening in the ultimate reality/The screen of consciousness:
…thought – emotion – thought – emotion – thought – emotion…
…DE(direct experience) – belief – DE – belief – DE – belief – DE…
…destiny – choice – destiny – choice – destiny – choice – destiny…
…chicken – egg – chicken – egg – chicken – egg – chicken – egg…
…cause – effect – cause – effect – cause – effect – cause – effect…

They are like infinite interwoven tapestries with no beginning and no end:
– So every event is equally both a cause and an effect simultaneously.
– In existence, choice and destiny manifest simultaneously.
Choice is a destiny. Destiny is a choice.
– Both the chicken and egg were created simultaneously. Every chicken needs an egg. Every egg needs a chicken. There cannot be a chicken without an egg. There cannot be an egg without a chicken.
– Beliefs create experience. Also, experience creates belief. Both are true simultaneously.No beliefs = No experience, also No experience = No beliefs.
– Every thought causes an emotion to arise. Every emotion causes a thought to arise.

Everything is inseparably connected and dependent on everything else for its existence. The entire of creation is a simultaneous moment (beyond time). Seeing things as cause/effect is the limitation of our linear thought.

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