Pillars of Enlightenment

Equivalent terms (they all mean exactly the same thing in direct experience):

Complete Acceptance = Effortlessness = 0 Resistance = Full Equanimity = Weightlessness = Bliss = Total Peace.

3 Pillars of Enlightenment (Shinzen):
(Directed Focused Attention)

Sensory Clarity
(Seeing the different flavors of everything clearly)


(100% Attention, 0% Resistance)

Extra most important pillar:

(Seeing from the ‘Screen of reality’ point of view)

3 Pillars of Enlightenment (Buddhism):Impermanence
(Change is Eternal.
Change is what makes beauty and life possible.
Change is what makes even perception possible.
‘Knowing’ itself is possible only because of change.)

(No ‘Thing’ can satisfy you. Only ‘Nothing’ can :))

(There is nobody who knows, there is only knowing.
The person who appears to know is also part of the knowing.)

The Unfindable subject:

In the subject-object paradigm, the subject perceives the object.

But the dilemma here is, when you look for the subject, another object is found.
How can you find the subject, if whatever you find is an object?
The answer is, the subject is inherently unfindable and an infinite mystery.
The nature of the subject is an infinite mystery, unknown, infinite potential.

So the true perceiver is inherently unknowable, just like a fire cannot burn itself, or a knife cannot cut itself.
This is what is meant by return to your unborn self.
Because the ‘born’ self that you think you are, is the object and not the subject.
If you think you are any object, then you are dreaming.

You are the awareness that is aware of the screen itself, all of the screen contents are made up of your substance.
Everything that has ever appeared to you in your life is made up of your substance.

So the trick is to turn awareness on itself, instead of being aware of an object.
Being aware of the subject is like awareness being aware of awareness, therefore realizing itself by itself.
It is the ultimate unification.

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