‘Awareness as a collection of spaces’ metaphor

Awareness is basically spaces. The physical world space, the emotional space, the feeling space, the mental thought/imagination space and plenty more. When activity in one space is strong, it pulls attention towards it like gravity.

What happens for me a lot of times is that, there is some somatic sensation that pulls all of my attention preventing it from going outward and expanding. The more empty my internal space is of emotion, the more transparent my body and the farther the light of attention can reach.

What happens is that my attention gets locked on to intense activity happening in my internal spaces. The more intense it is, the more attention it pulls. Its exactly like gravity or black holes of attention. An intense pain causes almost a black hole for attention energy. You can be aware of nothing but the pain. So it seems like pain demands and seizes your attention.

What is needed is regulation of attention/focus system to have freedom. For this, I need awareness of all the limiting belief structures. Then investigation and transcendence/understanding of each and finally total inclusion of all spaces and their content possibilities.

Is it possible to keep awareness continuously over the entire infinite space all the time no matter how intense a sensation is, in any plane?

Reality is basically where you put your attention. If your attention is narrow, your reality is narrow and focused. If your attention is broad, your view of reality is broad and rich. Awareness is presence and ‘attention control’ is freedom.

All that is needed is to FREE Attention. That is the ultimate freedom when there is no belief that can seize your attention in any way. No attachment to any model of the world, no attachment to any concepts of body, materiality or the existence of an other.

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