Sexuality, polarization, denial, pleasure

Sex is because of polarization. For a guy, he gets turned on as he imagines himself to be soft like a girl. A girl gets turned on when she imagines herself to be hard and tough like a guy. And then, there is this relationship of lust that develops towards this imagination. When the polarization is more intense or when the guy and girl are in the extremes of masculinity and feminity, then the lust vastly increases. Lust by nature is actually a willing deprivation. The man deprives himself of feminity and acquires it by external projection of those qualities (qualities he deprives himself of) to the girl. The girl does the same. They both stand at the ends of the magnet respectively creating greater tension. The stronger the polarization and distances from the center, more the tension energy. When they 2 unite, the 2 polarities become one and complete each other. Its similar to couple dancing. There is a lead and follower. If the follower is leading and the leader is following a bit then the dance loses its intensity.

The real truth is, the true you is neither masculine nor feminine. We polarize ourselves denying the other side and constantly chase it for a temporary release and satisfaction. So its not really real. Its an illusion but a very pleasurable one. Its similar to playing soccer for a whole hour in the sun and not drinking water and waiting till you get extremely thirsty. After the wait, when you finally drink water, there is so much satisfaction because the deprivation is removed. Denial and pleasure are highly connected.

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