Meditation – Insights on weed

The forehead is just flashing a light, the solar plexus is reacts to these flashes with a stably shining bulb like light. All the lights can be opened and the veils/blockage energies can be pierced through.

When thinking, you whole spine lights have to think, not just the top part: middle part = memory and base parts – grounding and context, and top parts – thinking, exploring, planning, uppermost part – higher vision.
The energy has to be released. Every impression, image that causes a strong reaction in the chakra lights means there is a lot of energy in that area that has to be expressed and released. So the objects that cause this occurrence should be welcomed and then you can work to release the stored energy. Once this energy is released partly/fully with the light fire of your awareness intensity, then even if the forehead light flashes an impression, it does not affect the body chakra lights below or affects very little because the accumulation of that energy was released from the lower level.

Weed increases the mind body connection with increased focus. This increased focus or stronger light of awareness breaks up the body sensation into a more splintered form. So technically any substance that increases focus energy should splinter the body experience and reveal more change.

The mental/thought impression affect the body energy. Its as if the body energy is like stored balls of energy (each chakra). Some mental chakra flashes trigger highly accumulated balls of charge. So such impressions should be thanked and the body energy must be released fully with the power of light (awareness).

Each object/impression/thought that triggers some body reaction should be focused on and the heavy body energy release should be intensified and allowed fully. Is should be allowed so fully that whether you think of that paranoid thought or not, the release should be the same.

Sense impressions – pure feel, sight, sound are very rarified. Only the accumulation/congealing of energies is the body. There is no actual solidified body, there is only the space of feeling. The solidified is just accumulations and therefore a burden. Imagine how light it would feel without this congealed energy moved everywhere. It would feel like a child again.

Energy release techniques: Deep observation of outer triggered reactions and meditation practice for chakra brightening, freeing and expanding. Thank your surroundings for bringing out the very things you need to release.

If I remove those accumulations then I can enjoy much faster changing pixels everywhere. A dissolution/splintering of the body. Now vipassana bhanga makes more sense. Thats what you were essentially doing regarding freeing up the light of chakras. I can see it would lead to fearlessness because fear is basically this congealed energy.

Body arises like a pattern in a 3-d screen with empty pixels, like the way the blocks animation emerges in 3-D space say. Keep continuous awareness of this congealed/burdenous energy.

Sometimes only certain sense/mental impressions puncture these filled balls and make them radiate that accumulated stuff. All the energy stored in the feeling centers need to be released. Allow the existing accumulation/suppression to release with allowing and continue the allowing for new experiences so that no new accumulation/suppression takes place.
Weed allows you to see finer patterns by refining your mental focus in amplitude, resolution and stamina.

Project forward first, then backward then in the sides, then imagine the light shining from behind your body and through you. To release blockages. The heavier it is, the stronger and longer the release that is required.

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