Short contemplations (Oct/Nov) – some my own, some based on reading/videos

Loneliness is an experience i.e. energy making u move in a certain direction.
For e.g: it is like a hunger/thirst, which makes u look for food/water. When it comes to food/water we don’t feel bad about getting it from outside. Why do we feel bad about getting stuff from other people then?

Music is experienced in infinite ways depending on which of the infinite moods you are in right now. The flicker or snow you see in your visual field is like infinitely rolling scrolls of your subconscious moving through parallel realities every second.

Anything conceived/cognized is a potential. Anything you are aware of is you and your potential. When u know your true nature of nothingness/everythingness/beyondness, you have total freedom in this space of potentials. The closer you are to nothingness, the more variety you can experience.

Do not identify with anything in the present moment if the thing had a beginning in time. Anything that appears or disappears cannot be your true nature.

Just like you masturbate through emotional intention and get yourself to orgasm. Can’t the same be done about any emotion?

If you see something in others that makes u dissociate, angry, irritated, annoyed etc. that means you suppress that quality in yourself because there is basically only awareness and the quality (even they both are actually ‘one’). Whether it comes from inside or outside is just semantics. You don’t have control either way. There is only arising or disappearance in the field of consciousness.

If something is truly miserable you will drop it that very instant. What does not serve one part of me serves another part which gives it fuel to stay. If the whole of me does not give a pattern fuel to stay, its impossible that it would exist after that.

Constantly projecting a known past to an unknown present is the reason for perpetuation of patterns.

Hurting is not from love but from the conditions and projections we build around it.

You are aware of the whole infinite screen of consciousness timelessly in which the moment to moment dance takes place.

Its not the answer that is sought, it is to be free of the discomfort of not having it.

Great doubt and disorientation leads to great awakening.

If there is a real self then how can we be so fragmented? We keep locking on to different states of the mind body process. Infuse all processes with – precision and allowing, The best we can do is create an optimal environment for consciousness to grow in.

When you look into internal image space, you see that vast network. Your stored images of the world, flipping through them like roller decks at lightning speed. When u look at this blank image space there is a shimmering, subconscious flipping through of these roller decks. Your flipping through worlds, some of them are memory, some of them are fantasy/mythological/possible worlds. The part that is so far in, that it is sort of out. It sort of connects with that other network leading to oneness of the whole.

There is no ‘thing’ to love. That would be an illusion that you allow only that object’s presence to put you in that state.

Meditation is a generic skill. It is a global variable applicable to all experience.

Life is always playing a game no matter what I do, even trying to withdraw is a game. 

There is no separate ‘I’ that stands apart from others, outside. Everything appears and moves in the same space/soup of consciousness. 

The more I observe change with sensory clarity and totality, I am able to switch between perceiving the screen and the movie. The persistent objects in the screen are the patterns of my believed self. More observation, more the release/understanding of this.

If all experience is coming to me and I am just still, then what am I attracting towards myself? Is everything entirely my world? Every single notion of what I think is going on outside me? Every interpretation? Is my basic substance all experience?

The fundamental nature or noumenon is permanent. The objects/appearances are impermanent. 

Beauty is an ideal form towards which we keep pushing. Everyone’ wants their bodies and faces to look like the archetypes and we try to get closest to that by controlling stuff like – diet, exercise, makeup, grooming. There are also archetypal beautiful qualities which we keep moving towards such as – power, love, trust, openness, acceptance, clarity, equanimity, confidence, humor etc. What are these archetypes in the mental and physical? Do we really need to base our self esteem on how close or far away we are from those archetypes? Isn’t it all relative, and only evoked when I think about it? What is the reality of everything when I do not think?
From the point of view of the witness, there is no doer. From the point of view of the separate self, there is a doer.

What we call relationships colloquially are habits, which are especially visible when talking with family.

I understand that thoughts are empty. But are desires empty? Are aversions empty? Are all desires mirages?

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