Experience of self as a mirror

My experience of self (self within awareness field) is like a mirror reflecting the environment. But this mirror also has memory, beliefs and filters. My beliefs are like translucent/opaque overlapping layered pieces of cloth covering this formless mirror.

The overlapping pieces of cloth with varying opacity are  like layers of an onion. When all the layers are peeled it is discovered there is nothing hiding inside.

Some parts of the cloth are more translucent, some less, some parts are opaque. I do not experience the pure formless mirror reflectivity because of my accumulation – belief filters, memories, interpretations, conditioning etc.

Right now, my experience of the world is through the translucent parts and holes of the veils that are obscuring my true unbridled nature.

How do I remove all the accumulation, conditioning and layers to find this brilliant formless(objectless) mirror which contains within itself the entire universe reflected with no separation?

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