Thoughts – 28 Sep 2013

The preference for women body types seems to be a belief oriented cultural mime and not absolutely true. Our projections of ‘perfection pyramids’ is subjective and belief based. If this applies to body types for males and females, wouldn’t the same apply to even personality, behavior? Wouldn’t the invisible aspects also be equally powerful as body types and as illusory too?

I wish for the attainment of a girl with the following perfections:
– perfect body/visual aesthetics/complexion/texture/color/facial features
– perfect health
– perfectly compatibility
– perfect match of interests
– perfect complement
– perfect growth and adventure
– perfect syncing of life goals
– perfect companion
– perfect healer

It is the attainment of the most desirable object. Can any object no matter how desirable ever satisfy you? Especially transitory and ever changing objects? Wouldn’t there always be a concomitant fear of losing it? Wouldn’t I have to put EFFORT to keep it with me? If it is so desirable, wouldn’t everyone else want it to? Wouldn’t it not be a continuous struggle to ensure that it stays with you? In fact isn’t that how value is created, the very definition of collective value?

Everywhere in the society game, there are pyramids and everyone wants is fighting to get to the top. Whether it is to be the most attractive person, have the most vied for job, have the best apartment, car, sense pleasure access, access to the most desirable objects (both material and invisible in the form of experiences), get the most attention, respect, fame, adoration, admiration and love. Whats the point in fighting for something that is eventually going to fall away. If you have the wisdom of their impermanance and emptiness, would you still fight?

What is the definition of perfection? Is it just based on the belief model that I am holding? And I move through various belief models even within a single day and while talking to different people. The core archetypes of my belief system is what gives the feeling of continuity of ‘Me’. The auras around this core are changing at different degrees. But what is the core but an unexamined very abstract archetype? When these archetypal core beliefs are examined then all burden would dissolve. Maybe there is no such real thing as perfection because of relativity of everything. There has to be a viewpoint that is transcendent and free of relativity. From that viewpoint everything is perfect including everything in the matrix of relativity and the relativity framework itself.

Is it even possible to attain anything? Is the very notion of attainment a fallacy? The very fact that I think I exist as a person implies I am incomplete and have a purpose to complete/fulfill myself. So existing as a person implies by its very definition a ‘purpose’.

The more I look at the mental space of thoughts and their contents and spaces of occurrence, I can see their transiency, impermanance, emptiness nature. I will not use unreal, but their reality is terrifically impermanent and insubstantial. Even memories are that way, all of them.

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