Thoughts – 6 Oct 2013

Any kind of thought – feeling, image, motion combo I can generate now in thought space is based on my current state. I cannot believe any of that is really solid, substantial, essential because everything can change with a change in state. Its as if I am painting various pictures (thoughts right now) but the very color palette used is moving through various combinations of colors (my mood, or general state of mind).

It seems like there is nobody really solid or substantial existing. Its just a whole dance of interconnected movements happening by a universal force of which I am a witness. The only thing real is this witness which being empty by itself witnesses infinite variety. Environment triggers desire, desire triggers new environment etc. and so forth. Its like a continuously forward moving fractal (forward word itself is meaningless because its part of the fractal itself) where I have moments of free will or choice manifesting. Even manifestations like the identity, free will etc. are objects themselves to the subject, the observer.

Culture/Religion/Science is all games and not absolute in any sense. They all are part of the thought stream or the fractal. This is the de-conditioning that needs a much wider knowledge spectrum, exploration of thoughts and a general movement towards the higher unchanging dimensions. I am essentially moving towards the center of the black hole (metaphor for its gravitational pull towards the center, the infinite point of density) of experience where everything converges into a point and is finally transcended. A thing completely observed, is the same as transcendence of the thing. What’s interesting is that, whatever your focus point, that is the center of the universe at that point. Its exactly akin to your visual field where the center point, i.e. the fovea centralis is what you are looking at in that movement and that is the center of your visual field in that movement.

I can extend this analogy and say, its like sitting inside a train and sitting in a window position where you feel it moving backwards. You eye’s focus can be put anywhere in the continuously changing picture appearing in the window and that becomes your center of everything in that moment. Now even in this analogy, you may think there is still one solid entity, the observer himself with memory. This also gets mind-boggling. There is no observer apart from the observed and everything observed is changing. So in a way you are nothing and everything simultaneously and neither of the two. There is no subject too, because any act to describe the subject cannot be the subject because only objects can be described. So the situations is like this, all objects are changing and there is no subject. So you in essence are beyond everything, observing from a higher dimension outside of all manifestation but containing all of manifestation.

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