Vibrational energy levels

The physical reality is part of our experience. It represents the lower vibration of all physicality. We also experience thoughts, desire, mood etc. which are higher vibrations. Creation comes from the infinite to the finite i.e. from infinite vibration to the lower vibrations. Depending upon your awareness level, you would either feel the world is very static and unchanging or that the whole world is in an ever changing ecstatic flux that operates in harmony when seen from the whole. Along with the physical elements we can also perceive the invisible thought, emotion (feeling), desire, proprioception, energy level, intellect, memory, time and space. So these are some of the higher dimensional realities.

On deep observation, an aloof, indifferent, detached, ever present, eternal, constant awareness is found that operates ALL the time. This is the deepest you operating at the creator level consciousness at the highest vibration. It is the very knowing at the deepest level and you are it.

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