Flow, manipulation and Plato’s cave allegory interpretation

When you do something you do not really want to do or believe in, it is pure resistance. You could do it with dedication and steady incremental effort, but you would only get more of what you don’t want. This becomes a habit pattern and you end up with the mindset that life is hard and we have to work hard for success or any attainment. Do you work hard to get involved in an excellent movie or documentary or an interesting hobby? Do you even call that work? Naturally inspiring things just move our attention to them effortlessly. That is exactly what is meant by flow. Even the mildest form of resistance felt means you are impeding the flow. I had seen both the sides intensely since, when I’m alone and intensely reading, I am in flow while in many social situations I am putting a lot of effort in trying to entertain them and make them accept me. There are elaborate logical systems we use to justify why we oppose this natural flow – culture, society, family traits, concept of habits, conditioning etc. So all this creates a basic lack of TRUST with very detailed hypnotizing elaborate stories to hide this fact – like mythology, religion, evolutionary sciences. We are told what our fears should be in a very subtle way.

Different techniques can be used for manipulation. Manipulating at the physical layer is using physical punishment. Manipulation at the thought layer is creating elaborate convincing stories and creating economic structures. Manipulation by hypnosis or beliefs level is at the highest vibration. Without a high level of awareness and sharp questioning, it may be quite hard to even cognize it. 
You become the qualities that move and inspire you. What truly inspires you is exactly what you will become eventually if the flow is not impeded. If there are too many dis empowering beliefs, then this inspiration too can be completely hidden from you. 
In the Plato’s cave allegory:
         The shadows in the cave that entertained people and kept them occupied represent the typical world view people carry today. They run after the shadows or symbolic entities instead of the thing itself. This may include money, status etc. They also believe that they are an isolated body mind and operate under the Darwinian model of beliefs or certain other orthodox beliefs from religious doctrines.
          The fire behind represents the actual desires – love, freedom, true riches, awareness, understanding etc.
          So basically turning towards the fire is turning away from understanding all the symbolic forms we chase – relationships, money; to understanding the actual things themselves.
         The sun represents the universal, infinite which gives rise to EVERYTHING including the shadows, the naïve people, all the duality equations etc. creating this infinitely balanced and perfect play of vibrational forces.

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