Social groups and investments

Most groups form because there is an implicit knowledge they share. If you had a very different upbringing, this knowledge would not be implicit. In some ways it’s also tendencies. For example: If you have never been a groupie, you are unlikely to move to that mindset in future unless there is a real need. The tricky part with social relationships is investments. Social investments take time, energy, freedom and time from you. But these investments also accrue with time. Lets take an example of a person who had a  lifestyle with minimum investment and much higher solitary time during childhood. He would have therefore not have gained a lot of exposure to the various relationships that exist in social life. In adulthood, if he wished to suddenly switch, it would be difficult because of lack of foundation. It’s like wanting to be a millionaire overnight when all your life you have lived in middle class. 

Societal structures involving money and social relationships are slow moving and take intention, energy over a certain time to manifest. If you personality is in a unique exotic place, then that is exactly what you’ll be. It’s like again and again trying to mix incompatible substances and expecting them to dissolve into each other. 

The fun of this game is that, an identity gets created in childhood until you are 6, and then in adulthood, you seek to reverse engineer the whole thing and reclaim all of your freedom along with a deep understanding of all the ways this realm of reality works. Most people just perpetuate their childhood identity and live life in that psychological space with limited awareness. If it is serving most of their needs and if they have enough dreams in their identity blueprint that they believe in, they would not inclined to really understand the matrix itself.

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