All of experience/life as relationship

The definition of all objects exists with respect to the context i.e. in relationships to ALL other objects. There are infinite definitions for objects possible because there are infinite grouping combinations possible.

For example: If there are 5 objects, I would have to apply permutations and combinations to find out how many relationships (set groupings) are possible.
There are 32 ways of perceiving 5 objects in various relationship pairs. So there are 32 ways in which these 5 objects can be perceived.

Learning involves both putting awareness into new objects (experience packets) and their relationships too which mature over time. In our trillion cells in the brain, the number of relationships possible is infinite. Imagine permutations and combinations with a trillion – 1 followed by 1 lakh zeroes == infinity. This is why there are infinite realities and each person resides in a unique infinite whole. You can have infinite infinities and all of them are wholes. We have parts and wholes only for finite discrete systems, not for the paradigm of the infinites. (In the paradigm of certain assumptions, like what defines the smallest unitary particle based on our sense perceptions or technology relevant).
Change is seen as abrupt only when your awareness is partial. The movement of light looks immediate to our visual sense. But the flow of light itself can actually be witnessed by using a super slow motion camera. The person living in low awareness would have life filled with abrupt changes. To escape this, he might stay in a very narrow band of experience which is tolerable for him and reality would be quite uncomfortable because of this lack of knowledge.
Imagine a tea cup sliding from your desk and falling off in just 4 frames i.e. 4 discrete steps. If your awareness was much higher, let’s say you see the same movement but in 30 frames. Now you have many more frames to stop this tea cup from falling. So extend this analogy to everything.

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