Social Interaction / Awareness / Fragmentation

What is the deepest truth about social interaction. Why do we need it? Is it a physical need or a purely mental need? Is it conditioning dependent or independent? What exactly feels bad when I’m alone? Is being with people like expanding your mind by attaching other modules which communicate with you in a certain protocol (cultural rules) through a certain medium (language)? Is that the main reason? OR is it related to safety? A feeling of being safe because you have multiple minds invested in your security? If it was just physical security, the solitary confinement chamber in prison would guarantee great security. But probably social interaction is security for all your mental troubles.  If its a need for stimulation, it is there everywhere abundantly in all the sensory objects around me. But sensory objects do not really exist beyond perception and it is the perceptions we want. Maybe being alone locks you into a certain perceptual state and interacting with other people provides a change of perceptions. But interacting with one person or group for too long again locks you up in a similar situation from which you seek to escape. So the greatest fear seems cessation of experience or death. The second greatest fear is locking of an experience in a certain paradigm for extended periods like a 9-5 typical job assuming doing exactly the same kind of things for decades. The most limited our scope of experience, the more our fear is until it collapses at 0 (death). By the universal principle of duality, having fundamentally different and altered states every single day will wipe out predictability and stability. That would be the fear of losing all coherence and absolutely going crazy. The most fearful areas seem to exist on the ends of the continuum. So we think we want pleasure, but actually what we really seek is freedom of perceptions. Craving arises when the reality is unbalanced. Imagine your right side of your body is heavier than your left side causing you to tilt to the right and you have to put constant effort to be straight. So you pray that your body should be heavier on the left side. But if that happens once again, you tilt to the left and you want the right side to be heavier again. So here the left side could be suffering and the right side could be pleasure. The ideal would be an equally balanced left and right sides and you have the freedom to tilt to whichever direction you want anytime which is the case now, which is why you do not even have this desire.

Awareness itself occurs continuously against a background of nothingness. If you background is nothingness, you are supremely alive. If your background is what you call the subconscious or aspects of reality outside your awareness then your reality is accordingly evolving. The social structures which allow manifestation of emotions are highly slow moving and subject to many many constraints. Thats why its so difficult to perceive these higher truths. You are often locked into a particular identity and functional expectations and roles, a certain culture such that you are in a way trapped. So you keep making small efforts in your everyday life to break out of this and dream of total freedom. But this whole dream is fueled by the lack. The poor dream of being rich and die with that dream. A man with a boring life dreams of adventure all his life. The great adventurer if unbalanced dreams of a stable loving safe secure home environment. The fantasy drawn individual dreams of wonderful utopian worlds which are wonderful only with the background memory of your current situation. If you were born in that utopia, you would not even perceive it to be ‘UTOPIA’. The utopia would be the ordinary in that case.

Another difficulty in understanding this is the whole fragmentation of our awareness. Our awareness jumps between numerous micro identities throughout the day. Each of these identities is an unbalanced reality and therefore having a certain desire. We are confused because which one would you satisfy? One of them would want adventure and one of them wants comfort and security. You may plan the adventure while you are in a certain identity and then suddenly want the opposite when the date arrives because you have shifted to a different identity. The ultimate ‘Point of seeing’ or depth possible is nothingness. So we deepen awareness by increasing our power of observation of these states.  Starting off with the gross and then penetrating to the subtler and subtler planes. Gross and subtle are not 2 different things. The particles of the gross are progressively splintered in subtler and subtler states. Like crushing sugar into smaller and smaller particles. Every single aspect of the self: memory, concentration, awareness, outer sensory reality should be investigated at finer and finer levels. Scientific investigation is a long way off this depth since science itself is resting on a particular paradigm. Its basically does not take into account the aspects of the observer itself. It does not delve into the non-material aspects which are bundled up into metaphysics, subjectivity, pseudo science, paranormal, mystical stuff. It is a certain method developed for investigation of truth and belief in this is so strong because it offers explanation to most of the outer observed phenomena. Its function dependent. ‘How to do something’ in the material/sensory world is in the realm of science. Not why you want to do anything in the first place? why are we even here? what is the nature of everything I know etc. these are hard problems not addressed. Objectivity is just consensus reality and this reality is just a small bunch of currently popular paradigms. These paradigms are not true objectivity, they are just loyal to the rules and assumptions not to the truth. An entire human civilization of billions of minds may communicate based on certain basic assumptions for convenience. But the assumptions are like lines of longitude, numbers etc. or concepts. That is why untenable arguments are possible because it is very difficult to spot those assumptions in the massive tight interconnected web of all concepts built over the basic ones.

Centered in nothingness/everythingness with absolute freedom is the ultimate dream or enlightenment.

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