Contemplation on why society exists

It seems like all minds are the same and each mind contains the whole of all experience. Just that each is in a different configuration optimizing certain variables. Each mind is a subjective bubble and isolated at least as of my perception. Different minds manifest different amounts in this physical plane. What is a doctor, engineer etc. without any social context? It is a specialization in a particular thought form. Society mostly favors specialization and works on ‘mutual trust’ that others are doing their specializations respectively. The trust factor is so important here.

Why is the current system not agreeable? economic inequality, concentration of power with the elite, exploitation of the working class, corporations manipulation, work slavery, rigidity, suppression, social manners, conventions, excessive consumerism at the cost of the planet, myopic compulsive thinking to just reach target after target, encouragement of addictive forms such as work holism,  etc. Society is the synthetic collective mind entity and the fact that it is running shows that people are actually happy with it. Awareness and beliefs are the main factors here. What will you do if you totally believed that the government was god’s order? What if each human being was made completely aware of everything? How would the world be? Is this deliberately part of the design so that these cycles can go on? Human emotion expressing themselves as opposing forces? Why does delusion even exist? Maybe that is also part of the duality game, the fun of waking up? the joy of finding these delusions out? the joy of correcting incorrect knowledge and organizing?. All these cycles? And we don’t know how long these cycles might last. Maybe it is kind of like the yugas in Hindu mythology lasting 1000’s of years. Maybe even delusion is an integral part of this whole cyclic game or universe of interconnected patterns.

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