Non-duality, attachment, euphorigens

No experience is me. No experience is needed for me to be complete. I would be complete and in absolute bliss in a non-experience state. It is the deepest rest and the profoundest peace possible. Craving for a certain experience is like getting a taste of a sweet when you’re extremely hungry and the craving is to completely indulge yourself in it. Certain thoughts are super potent. They create a brief taste of the euphorigens and then the craving starts for the same. This also gives me more empathy towards drug addicts. When your stomach is fully satisfied, you wouldn’t feel like eating the sweet. But in this case, the craving for experience (variety, intensity, harmony, beauty, purity etc.) is a hunger that one has to understand more deeply.

The euphoric state feels excellent but it is continuously present for too long then it becomes a baseline and loses significance, also since there is nothing to compare it against.
There are many ways to control this. I think there is a very deep inherent unfulfillment that persists no matter what experience is triggered. This can be observed by mindfulness. Mindfullness is totally needed for satisfaction of any sort because, what is the use of being happy if you do not know you are!
Eating a perfectly sattvic diet will reduce the number of euphorigens and therefore all cravings. With this the pure mindfulness quality can be stronger. Yogic asanas and pranayama can also similarly reduce cravings quite a lot.
I am simply attached and drawn to certain mental states of mind. It happens in the mental plane. I am different from others because of the mental states I am attached to. Compared to an ordinary person, my mental life is richer by a factor of atleast 100. Even physical objects are ultimate a spiraling of thought on matter. So in a way, everything is mental and your life is absolutely rich, if your conditioning is almost nil the whole mental space is your oyster for play. Beyond this freedom is the ultimate freedom of realizing your self which is the ultimate observer, a plane even above the mental space. That would be freedom from all action and change.
I am attached to certain perspectives, thoughts and ways of seeing things since on examination they give the best combination of freedom and reward. Is there really a higher and lower perspective? Each perspective is an optimizing equation. But what is the equation optimizing? What is the sample space of this optimization? I guess that would be the entire mental continuum. So we are basically selecting some experiences over others. What if we just rise off the entire mental continuum like stepping out of the dimension, allow our brightness to shine completely and then look at all experience as equal and simply as members of the mental dimension?
The transition would be like, if you visited another planet and stayed there alone long enough with aliens then all humans would look alike to you. This would be in stark contrast to the distinctions we make on earth such as good, bad, ugly, beautiful, man, woman etc. So does moving to the non-dual state essentially mean stepping out of the entire experience continuum? Is this what they call emptiness or nothingness!

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