Artificial boundaries

Everything is seamless besides the boxes we put around things. Can you really say that each birthday is a milestone personality changer for you? When you cross countries, can you really feel that you are going into a distinctly new land besides the artificial fence? All boundaries seem to be artificial man made concepts created for convenience. In truth everything is seamless. I can take this a step further and say the physical world itself only exists as a mental concept in your perception which is the actual reality for you. The passage of age, the passage of time is just seamless. The molecules that make up air and the molecules that make up a solid just differ in their energies and frequency. That too is seamless. The appearance is just a product of our perception.

What is a person? 
·         Is it the body – that is just a body – a visual and tactile entity
·         is it a certain attitude – that is just a certain attitude based on the situation
·         is it a certain set of high probability behaviors – That can change with circumstances
·         is it a set of unchangeable beliefs – they are just beliefs, beliefs can change too
·         Is it the voice of the person? – that’s just sound
What about appearances of objects in general? What about people voices and recorded sound? They seem pretty repeatable. True! But the pure sensory input is meaningless until it’s interpreted by the brain. Even in the interpreted part, there is a just seeing and just hearing. However, the just seeing and just hearing parts are immaterial and absolutely do not matter. It is how much emotion the sense perceptions bring out in us or the overall experience that really matters. And this is what is in constant flux.
Maybe that’s why the masters keep saying, reality is constantly changing. What they mean is not that everything is moving around as fluidly as a dream, but that what we call ‘Experience’ is constantly changing. Everything seems empty of essence. Whatever essential thing I find dissolves when I actually intensely observe with awareness.

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