Ecstatic movement of energies

All your life energies and EVERYTHING that you can possibly imagine and beyond is in a certain configuration at this moment. These energies are constantly in a flux and are ecstatically moving. The “I” concept filter acts as a huge barrier to the free movement of these energies. I force myself to think in a particular way, suppress feelings which arise which don’t seem right and encourage only certain patterns in myself. I also control my attention in definite ways which have been taught to me by society.

The energies are moving ecstatically from infinite intelligence and the “I” or ego attempting to stop them does not really stop them. The energies try to move around the obstacles I create and if they are impassable the energy transmutes into other forms and get stored as stress in muscles and nerves. If I unevenly dam a river, it starts flowing in a very turbulent way creating lots of opposing forces. It greatly reduces the power of the river, lowers speed and wastes lots of vital energy.
The ego cannot do anything to stop life energy since the ego conception itself is part of the flow. The “I” entity restricts the flow only because of social definitions imbued into us from societal man-made influences. Most of the ideas/concepts/energy configurations which define me are based on the ‘average understanding level’ of everyone who influenced me in my life. It’s like your operating system utilizing infinite energy from the background. Your operating system can only draw as much power from the infinite space as your beliefs permit it to do so. When you upgrade your beliefs, you upgrade your O.S. and can thereby draw more energy from the infinite space.
If you dam any part of your psyche, it will flow out through maximum force through the smallest of holes. This is why sexual repression is so powerful. It creates immense interest that it just wants to burst out of you if given the freedom. Whichever part you suppress or deny yourself, it will create pressure and want to come out of you in greater intensity. This is part of the reason why temporary self-denial is so pleasurable. It creates intense pleasure once you let go after a while.
Now the mind boggling part is that, being aware of this river of life is like the gift of a lucid dream. It happens to certain people at certain times and even that cannot be willed by you. Your very desire to know the truth that drives you to read and explore all these perspectives is part of your flow. The experience of releasing energies is very profound and liberating and stokes immense gratitude in you but it is not necessary to transfer this experience to each of the so-called non-liberated people. They are all having fun in their own way. You do not even need to go by any rules such as ‘Help those want to be helped’ since you will automatically do so anyway if your life energies desire so.
So the ultimate goal seems to be to free all your life energies completely and just sit back and enjoy the ecstatic ride. The tension and release game of life energies is what makes it such an interesting game. Regress your awareness far enough that you can see the whole game being created and animating the infinite energy into whatever configuration it wants to move in (including the part that you call ‘you’, ‘other’, ‘material world’, ‘separation’ etc., all concepts)
The ‘tension’ and ‘release’ principle is actually what we use in dancing all the time. Maybe that’s why the usage of the term ‘Ecstatic dance’ for the universe energies.

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