The mystery of sleep

Every living thing with a brain is observed to sleep. We humans require anywhere between 4-8hours of sleep each day. There are obviously medical explanations quoting that the loss of consciousness is needed for the cells to slow down and regenerate. Every single night, for almost 1/3rd of our lives, we sleep and yet we are convinced by such a  simplistic explanation? Sleep being one of the major determinants of health and happiness, shouldn’t it not be given more thought?

But I can think of many other explanations which cannot be proved or disproved:

  • Since we have no awareness whatsoever while sleeping, what if we move to another dimension and have an experience incomparable to our current one? Maybe we recover all the energy needed everyday from this zone? Would it then be possible to consciously move into this dimension and pull out this energy all day long obviating the need to sleep itself?
  • What if it is the inefficiency of operation during the day that causes us to crash in the night? If we learn to operate at the next level of efficiency: physically and mentally, would there be a significant reduction in the sleep requirement? (similar to yoga practices etc.)
  • We still don’t know the exact reason why we dream. We go through various sleep cycles every night which are probably related to a survival program that prevents us from staying in the deep sleep phase for long. In the modern world, since there is little need for a survival program that rigorous, would it be possible to figure out a way to induce deep sleep directly for a preset duration?
  • Maybe every time we sleep our current soul leaves and another soul very similar inhabits our body. Because of the slight change, we do not feel its discontinuous.

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