No experience is fully satisfying

If I think about it hard, I cannot imagine any 1 state or experience that will be the most optimal for me, forever. Lets analyze the typical societal dream. Buying a good house, car, marrying a good wife and raising children for a man. Lets say someone gives this to me without any journey. Will I live happily ever after? Even assuming I went through a long arduous journey, how long will the euphoria of achievement last? Most people spend a significant part of their life acquiring this security for their future, just so that they get this temporary euphoria? Of course the strategy people adopt to deal with the emptiness that ensues is looking into other people’s lives, circumstances and then either gossiping, making judgments or mentoring, helping other people reach this same stability. To maximize the variety in experience. People do both. They identify with certain people like their family, friends, certain relatives and form a clique. If you belong to the clique, this person is very helpful to you. If you are outside his definitions of how life is to be lived, you would be gossiped about, judged and discussed about in negative light.

Every experience seems temporary by definition. If something was so permanent, wouldn’t you immediately stop registering it? Things make footprints in memory only because the information is deemed important. We are probably storing only 1/billionth of the sensory input we are receiving. Information by definition is entropy. Higher the entropy more the information.

It seems like life is life only because of this mystery: The paradoxes, ambiguity and uncertainty. Maybe this surprise element for each individual is why we are born in earth to experience this dimension. So this game seems like its not about attainment. Neither is it about the conquest towards absolute control. Its not even the game about acquiring one set of beliefs forever. What I want seems like a complex riddle in itself? To figure this out, I need to understand questions like who am I? what is life? what do I really want? and use my full power of imagination to ensure all that I experienced till this day is validated by the answers I discover.

Lets take a hypothetical case, where we discover an island which is entirely made up of gold. Even the people there are made of gold. If we go to a person there and tell them “Wow, you are made of gold, yo are gold!, how does it feel to be that?”. He might respond saying “I don’t know of a word called gold, I cant in the name of god see how I am special, everything around me is ordinary”. Sometimes I feel our human consciousness is like that. We need to step outside it, to see the full significance of it. The value of anything is known from its opposite in the relativistic way. In the absolute sense the true value of anything is revealed when compared from emptiness.

For a normal person, the time just seconds after getting up is a state that is relatively empty and this could give him a faint taste of what real emptiness might feel like. How good does it feel to hear a good song just after getting up fresh?

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