Belifes create ‘Experience’ itself

We are originally born as a blank slate. Our mom, dad or people we met in early childhood pay a pivotal role in create all our major beliefs. Thereafter we pursue things that line with these beliefs throughout our adulthood. With very deep introspection and awareness, it should be possible to uncover these core beliefs. Even the above statement is a belief “That it is possible to uncover/modify/examine/understand or remove our core beliefs with enough deep thought” and another one of “I am capable of doing this deep thought”. These 2 can work together and launch a person into discovery.

For a lot of people, they may know a lot about how something is to be done, but this would often not have a corresponding “I am perfectly capable of doing it” to support it. Many times their experience is just based on the belief that “I happen to know the theory about how it is done and therefore I have the upper hand over someone who cannot articulate it as well”. But they would also feel pangs of insecurity when the people around them who are more articulate and know more theory. So if this person values theory, then his experience is created by the space of people’s knowledge on this subject and their skill of articulation.

This topic is actually terrifically complex. I can probably write books on the same. The startling part about it is that your beliefs create what matters to you the most, ‘Experiences’ themselves.  People are different from each other in their motivation, drives, interests etc. mainly because of this difference in beliefs. The fuel for all thoughts is our beliefs. Thoughts have no power over us if not for the supporting beliefs which can create an entire spectrum of experiences.

There are core beliefs in us that drive most of what we do. If any of these core beliefs is changed then it is like a clutch that is disengaged from the wheel. The old pattern continues but it only lasts till the residual momentum runs out. In other words, our whole being is driven by beliefs and it is these beliefs that create experience. So technically if all beliefs are dropped, then no experience would be registered, it is a state of non-experience.

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