Happiness and love concepts too ambiguous

The concepts for happiness and love are just too vague. People all around the world use these words indiscriminately, and they could represent anything in a very large set of experience. When I try to combine everything together, these words almost seem purely subjective. I feel these words are simply distractions for a truth seeker, they can be done away with. We are told since childhood that the ultimate aim in life is to love and achieve happiness. But these definitions themselves are crazily unclear.

Conventionally society claims that happiness is a passing thing and needs to be earned again and again. Certain religions on the other hand claim that happiness is a permanent state and has nothing to do with your changing situations. Buddhism claims that unconditional love stems out of emptiness (we may as well call it by any other name) and this state is after all concepts are dropped including our ‘conventional love’ notions. If that is the case, why should we even label things and constrain our thinking within these illusory concepts?

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