Sex Appeal characteristics

Some of the basic stuff we observe:
Body Shape
Pheromones/Copulance (changes depending on cycles)
Voice (changes depending on cycles)
Anatomical adornments (or cars, gadgets, possessions today – influenced by advertising)

Patterns in choosing: Choosing similar ratings
Women might be wired to aim for the top of the relative status rung – social/financial

Testosterone and Estrogen – genetic base (can probably change due to other factors)

Being with another person is like a merging of your matrix world with another. Each matrix has its expectations and expectations create probability equations. Also, each matrix is dynamic and may change expectations from time to time.
Is there a way to move beyond all expectations or see through them completely?

Sometimes I think, that’s the reason why we have created this fixed values and other societal systems to escape the complexity that is inherent, the fire of reality. No matter what we choose, its after all a decision and every decision is inherently a trade off.

If I were to choose a partner, I would look for traits in her that resonate with traits in myself which I find most desirable. Sometimes I wonder, is our inner knowledge already complete and when we see some trait that agrees with our own inner knowledge it immediately resonates and is felt like an intuition.

All these sexual attractiveness factors maybe true, but I think there is a force acting at literally a higher dimension which controls our entire experienced reality and all these sexual aspects may be a small subset of it. The force is “beliefs”. This is the most profoundly interesting topic I have ever come across.

One Reply to “Sex Appeal characteristics”

  1. The thing is the traits change with time…
    Thus it makes sense to first 'Know Thyself' and explore/experience growth before getting into a relationship. On the other hand, the purpose of a relationship itself (my understanding) is a medium for mutual growth and support. However the starting points can be vastly different depending on how much personal growth has already happened.
    Anyway, this is all theory 🙂

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