Knife analogy, Drug addiction?: Its not a separate world

Everything in nature is like a knife. It can be used for constructive or destructive purposes. Its possible to get addicted to anything: sex, passion, chocolate, food, crushes, attachment to physical possessions, workaholism, television, movies, some behavioral patterns, virtually any experience. Its not just drugs that are addictive. People treat drugs like a separate world. In some ways its not. Infact it may give you deeper insight into your own motivations. What matters is the level of self development and understanding in the person consuming them? Anything pleasurable is addicting and there is no reason to stop pursuing it besides your beliefs on what is supposed to be done in life.

If you ingest a huge amount of cocaine that fires up all your reward centers in your brain and body, it becomes extremely clear that all that we do ultimately causes the release of dopamine and what we really want is that. All our mental activities, beliefs, actions etc. may just be performed in a illusory world to ultimately get something real which is the experience. So if you are directly getting the experience, why would you choose to go through all the hardship through conventional socially accepted means only to get 1/100th of the reward say?. That is probably the reason for instant addiction and its potential for it. 

So the questions you could ask yourself are:
What are your current addictions? – they could even be mental states: like staying in fantasy or absorbed etc., reflection, physical activity etc.
What are your current beliefs? – Have you really examined them? Are there really valid? How deeply have you questioned them?
What are the things that you fear the most? Why? – Drill down to the real reason, like the fear of ghosts is the psychological fear of the unknown. Then ask, why are you scared of the unknown? What experiences in life are supporting these views? (don’t settle for something like “All humans are inherently scared of the unknown”, that is just a blanket unexamined belief).

Analyze all these aspects and contemplate on what kind of experiences the drug you wish to take might induce, read well on accounts of others experiences and then try to make accurate conjectures of their beliefs, states of mind and conditions.

A completely strange experience that you are unable to integrate will leave you extremely disoriented and confused till you manage to integrate it. You may either take the time to integrate it or decide to bury it if its too alien etc. So be aware of these aspects too.

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