Transformation Process, Ego, Humiliation

Old-age with its steadily declining function, and being made to live through your gradual step-by-step disappearance is one of the worst humiliations from the position of a “functional ego”.
Even in my ordinary life now, I kind of feel I am serving a sentence (prison time).
Limitation is prison time from the POSITION: Freedom.
So your current reality will be heaven or horrible depending on the position you take.
A position is your identified point of view(pov).
If your POSITION: Safety, then freedom is a threat.
If you POSITION: Freedom, then safety is an imprisonment.
And these things may or may not be in your control.
Any control is an appearance too.
Control is present when there is greater spirit power and energy, whose influx or departure is beyond your control.
Without adequate spirit energy, your experience would descend into chaos where structures would operate from stored spirit energy without a central ruler.
[Like imagine suddenly the power grid was down, and all the buildings are relying on their generators for energy OR imagine suddenly there is an eclipse and all the living beings are using up their stored energies to survive. It is basically a situation of being cut off from the source in simplest terms.]

The higher-frames higher-energies organize the smaller-frames smaller-energies.
Like a great king ruling over 1000s of people.
When the king falls, the people will just war among themselves, or collude, form factions, and so on.
Basically the central harmonizing force is lost, sending the units into chaos.
The dark night of the soul(dnos) is precisely that.
The plugging off of power from the king/ego, removes the centralizing force of identity vibration.
There-after there is no coherencing and moving-forward power.
The situation becomes something like Egypt.
Eventually the whole structure dies and dissolves.
It is similar to how a physical body dies.
When there is enough prana in the physical body, it has an immune system that resists all threats.
But when the prana goes lower and lower, one gets more and more diseased.
Until the point where prana is so low, the scavengers just finish you off and bring you to nothing.
Where do you go once your gone? You return to your larger nature.

So I guess the DNOS starts, with the de-plugging of your ego from source power -> and then what follows is the death of prana to that structure, so the ego slides into more and more impotent and loses all power.
In the case of DNOS, it is not physical, the physical body continues to run somewhat ok on the earth cycles.
Though without the ego(or more and more of its diminishment), the body feels more like an automaton structure that simply keeps maintaining itself like a program.
From the pov of consciousness, death of the ego is freedom, release, liberation.
From the pov of the ego, it is all the dread, despair, crying for mercy associated with death. It is the worst humiliation.
Generally – debilitation, fatigue, tiredness, weariness, sickness, old age, death, disease -> all of them severely humiliate the ego.
They convey the vulnerability, helplessness and dependency of the ego on forces entirely beyond its control.

Also when a structure is infused with spirit, it becomes transparent to itself.
Only when spirit is withdrawn, does one feel pain, which is the structure struggling and trying to maintain itself – the dying process.
So one is painfully made aware of the structure from spirit withdrawal – because every structure fights to survive and has a crisis/suffering.
Just like the vanishing of a king, brings CRISIS to everyone, because they have lost their broader structure and context.
Pain is the lack of love. (Love = upholding energy).
Less the love, more the pain.
One can reduce their consciousness more and more and repress this pain, which is what creates the numb, lost, and flat feeling.
Once existence/reality has pulled the plug out of your king/ego/identity, you are in chaos.
Now a lot of games simply fall away, hopes disappear, dreams become impossible, like supposing the king had made many promises, and had great plans of alliances with other kings and so on – ALL OF THAT IS GONE, when the king is gone.
Suddenly, there is just grief and a regression to a state of simply trying to survive, and some memories of nostalgia about the old times which also rapidly fade from the loss of power.

The meaning of life is illuminated by death, and the meaning of death is illuminated by life.
A reorganization of an entire system is a transformation -> the old king falls, transformation happens, there is a merger of territories(lost parts, shadows, repressed portions and so on), and a greater new king is born.
From the pov of egoic agents, we are at the mercy of god at all times.
From the pov of god, our being egoic agents is only an appearance for its pleasure.

Parable of the Girl Next Door

Imagine there is a girl-next door.
You initially meet her briefly, say hi, speak a few words.
She makes you feel excited, mesmerized and really spikes your curiosity.
Now, say you have a lot of other girlfriends – 100’s of them.
And say you meet different ones each day.
Sometimes you meet them in groups too.
Each of your other girlfriends have specific qualities to them that you admire.
The next day, you start to look forward to meeting the girl next door
You tap on her door, and wait for her.
Again you 2 chat up for a while, and you come back once again feeling captivated and fascinated.
Now, this goes on for a while, everyday you chat with her for a while and get back to your life.
As you get to know more about her, she only seems to get more mysterious and interesting.
Generally, when you get to know someone fully, you tend to lose interest.
But this girl is captivating you more and more each time.
You get drawn to her, entranced, and more and more excited to spend more time with her.
You steadily increase the time you spend with her.
You spend hours at her house each day and it is never boring.
Eventually, you start to drop all your other engagements too with all your other girlfriends more and more.
This girl next door has all the qualities of your other girl friends and much much more.
She is a rich mystery, a plenitude, and always escapes your understanding.
After a while, you start to drop EVERYTHING, and spend all your waking time with her.
You even leave your own house, you leave all of your other girlfriends, everything.
All you want to do is spend time with her and invest everything you have got in her – your heart, mind, soul, body.
She is everything that you can possibly conceive of, or imagine, and yet much much more.
Everytime you try to understand her, it is like gold slipping through your fingers, you just cannot grasp it.
There is nothing you want to do, besides being with her totally all the time.
You want to merge with her, you want to become her, you want to become all that she is.
She is mesmerizing beyond your wildest dreams, and you are ready to lay down everything for her.
You spend 24×7 of your time with her now.
She is your all-encompassing absorption and trance.
Now you ask her to merge you into her.
She swallows you in her embrace.
You feel the increasing pain of your dissolution, as you are being absorbed into her body.
You feel you are losing yourself, your mind space is filled with the smoke of grief.
You are blinded, you cannot see anything.
But yet, you hold on even more, and you want her to absorb you into her.
You know she is a million times greater/grander/vaster/richer than anything you could ever be.
Your only desire is to union with her.
She pulls you in even tighter, and you give in more and more.
And finally you are absorbed into her and now you are ‘her’.
You live as her, experience as she does, and see as she does.

The spiritual path is very similar.
Here, you are the separate self/ego.
The girl-next door is the transcendent spirit object and your source.
The other girl-friends you have are all your other worldly desires/passions/interests/ambitions/hobbies.
The love affair that you have with the girl next door is the spiritual quest.
When you ask her to embrace you and absorb you into her – it is the Dark Night of the Soul.
When you finally fully merge into her, and start seeing from her eyes – you are the spirit itself.

My philosophy of life (At the moment)

Life is a mystery/unknowable (to the mind). Life is absurd.
Life transcends meaning. Life transcends every-thing. Life transcends duality. Life is ONE/non-dual.
Life is unimaginable and un-understandable.
Life is beyond anything I can think and is beyond any “web of concepts”.
Life is beyond any “conceptual frames/grids/nets/hierarchies”.
The ‘Why’ question is the creative question that generates/reveals/pours in meaning structures/philosophies when contemplated upon.
All is already existing. We simply tune into different creations that ALREADY exist.
It is like how we spawn into a dream, it all appears simultaneously and instantaneously, all at once.
The realities are already available in their full splendor and infinity.
Your structure is what determines what reality manifests for you.
That is why, change yourself -> change your reality.
A certain structure gives you options to tune into certain realities.
Subtler the structure, more the freedom.
But more life energy is needed to power subtler structures.
Everything is complexified/richer/vaster in subtler structures.
Everything comes from nothing (not nothing as a concept, the real nothing).
The real nothing is the “infinite” itself.
All is appearance.
Everything is real and not real. Like a mirror.
The mirror is that which has no image of its own, but reflects images.
So the mirror images are both fully real and unreal at the same time, just like appearances.
Another analogy would be the “Screen”.
The screen can show anything, but it chooses to show this appearance now.
My deepest true nature potential is of an infinite potential screen.
But I see an apparent choice to have this appearance and movement/flow right now.
Its like I have chosen to allow a journey to my infinite nature from a finite world.
Libido = Eros = Interest = Love = Passion = Investment
We have a spectrum of drives from:
Thanatos (the death instinct) ——————————- Eros (love)
All experience tones fall in the spectrum:
Fear —————————- Love.
All this philosophy I wrote now is just the appearance at this moment.
I can whip a totally different philosophy tomorrow (certain general themes may repeat but only in a very abstract level).
There is extraordinary creativity and change each and every day. Everything changes.
The parts that do not change are like frozen images in a mirror.
There is a spectrum again of:
Infinite creativity ————————– Total determinism.
All this philosophy I have written is like a one spec of sand, through which reality can be constructed.
There are trillions of other philosophies/narratives/belief structures, that would create entirely different realities.
One feels a faintest glimpse of this freedom of reality choice on LSD.
This is my conceptual web right now. It is simply flowing out of me as I write this.
All I have now is feelings. I am translating them into logical language expressions and this expression is flowing out from the feelings and their potentials.
I can write like this forever, there is so much to say.
It is like describing a mountain, how many words would it take to describe a mountain? That’s the kind of writing I am doing now.
And this is just one mountain.
And like I said earlier, this entire mountain with its infinite detail is only 1 structure and is like 1 grain of sand in a beach containing trillions of other such grains, which can spawn trillions of realities.
Also as I am writing, I am also co-creating my feeling experience by creating this structure in my “Temporary Thought Space” (bridging my conceptual, intuitive-feeling mind)
I am feeling the sensation of infinity the more I write, and I am actively imagining and co-creating with my own writing, allowing my imagination and thought space to flow with it.
The essence of life is change.
Change = Life = Mystery = Aliveness = Magic/Miracle = Unknown = Freshness
The known is dead.
Every experience I am having at each moment can be appercepted/recognized and seen as new/fresh.
Kundalini is the life force energy. Kundalini = Spirit.
Spirit -> Soul -> Ego.
Kundalini is the giver of life and death.
Life and death at a lower level, creates insight at the higher level that witnesses.
Life after death is absolutely unimaginable.
There are various various hypothesis, conceptual webs with their mechanics to explain what will happen after death.
Each one is based on various extrapolations from observations in our current reality.
But why should death follow any such causality? It can be ANYTHING/the most unimaginable which is what my intuition says.
I have multiple-multiple channels in the television set of my brain.
My structure gives me access to innumerable amount of wondrous possible worlds.
But it needs life energy/spirit/electricity to run.
So you have a spectrum of experience of life energy availability:
Dark night of soul/depression —————————– Ecstasy/Wonder/Joy
Life is art. Every philosophy is creation/artistry.
Art/Creativity/Novelty/Beauty can function across all levels of being.
The beauty is in the gestalt/tapestry, it is an emergent property.
What must one do in life? – There is nothing that one “must” do.
Its all an exploration, its all a lila/play.
We are co-creators in the thought of God/higher power/oversoul.
Follow your love/joy/passion/highest excitement/deepest values/light.
Live up to your transcendental ideals.
Choose effort or effortlessness, its your choice.
There is nothing to attain, unless of-course you choose to play the game of attainment.
The mystery of life is simply unimaginably beyond anything that can even be conceived.
I would end with a quote from Terrence Mckenna “Life is not stranger than you suppose, it is stranger than you CAN suppose”

Matter and Spirit

Matter = Piano and its keys = biological instrument with its gross-subtle-subtlest components.
Spirit = The forces playing the piano, playing the biological instrument.

Matter is also spirit only.
Matter is spirit in frozen form.
We could also say, everything is basically one spirit in the spectrum of forces of:
Changing(Spirit) —–|—–Unchanging(Matter)
This ONE spectrum is separated into 2 halves, creating the spirit-matter dualism.
From the ultimate picture, it is all ONE grand mystery of movement.
The distinction between matter and spirit is similar to how we divide visible light into 7 colors.
Its all one spectrum, one light, but based on its phenomenological characteristics we break it apart into 7 colors.
You trying to understand the universe is like God living inside his own mysterious creation.
Could that the point of creation? God exploring his own mysterious nature through various forms/various points of view/various subjects?