Sensations, Psychological activity, and Integration

There are multiple sensations of chaos/pain -> simultaneously happening in:
1 – Sensation/physical reality
2 – Mind/psychological reality
One is not the cause of the other.
Rather both are simultaneous.
1 – Every sensation carries the potential for the psychological effects
2 – Psychological effects carry the potential for sensational effects.
[Sensation effects Psychological effects] = Are ONE, they come together
Focus shifts:
1 – However it is possible to focus on the sensation alone.
2 – OR It is possible to focus solely on psychological effects.
Generally the psychological reality is much more complex that the bare sensation and it can trigger a world of thoughts/memories.
1 – If one wants to rest, then it is possible to simply rest on sensation which by virtue of focus suspends the psychological animation/activity. [Depression – depression by itself is simply rest]
One then experiences only pure sensation with no interpretation.
2 – If one wants to delve into the psychological world of the sensations, then a channel of expression such as free-writing can reveal all the webs of meaning of potential opened up by the sensation.
Here one can get absorbed into all the narratives, stories, webs and principles.

‘Attention/Focus’ is what limits reality to one or the other.
Can one pay attention to the sensation and thought together?
Yes, to an extent, but there is a limitation here – it can tire you quickly.
As a rule:
1 – Divided attention tends to tire – because it takes a lot of energy.
2 – Single minded attention tends to relax – because it uses a much thinner stream of directed energy.
So interestingly, paying attention reduces energy expenditure since the reservoir of energy available is channeled.
That is how people can do focused work for many hours(one thing is relevant, rest is irrelevant), but when they are restless with nothing to do(all is relevant), they can get depleted very rapidly.
It is similar to a circuit.
– If the circuit is not properly closed, then the energy leaks in a lot of places.
– If it is fully closed, then energy is conserved.
The next question though will be about the focus structures themselves.
‘Focus structures’ are driven by desire.
But desire is usually shaped by self-concept/ego-concept structures created in the early years.
Then there is the deeper archetypal desires of your self/soul which are more global and abstract.
So generally again there is a dichotomy here:
1 – If your ego-concept aligns fairly well with your soul/deeper desire -> you function and explore happily within the structure of your ego in the world.
2 – If your ego-concept is distant from your soul desire (your true wisdom) -> the soul will drive most of the efforts into correcting that and seeking learning.

In point 2, that disharmony = pain, and this pain will drive you towards the task of acquiring the necessary understanding to bridge the gap that will integrate and reshape the self-concept.
In such a case, there may be a movement towards dissolution of structure and entering the deeper chaos (the chaos is from lack of conscious nurture) again to realign with your soul-potentials which were abandoned earlier.
Why is there a dissolution? – because probably the structure has already served its purpose and most of its potentials have been explored OR it could be from having many neglected potentials which were not included in your early structure, necessitating integration work via. intuiting of higher order principles as executive agents for the reassembly.

e-motion = energy in motion.


Emotion is what makes us move.
The mind/intellect is the map.
The emotion is the motor.
If you have no emotion, then the map only shows you infinitely possibilities.
In fact if you have only the mind, it will simply show you the pros and cons with every investment.
It will paralyze you with indecision by showing you infinite EQUIVALENT possibilities.
It is love that moves everything.
All “will” is from emotion, from the heart.
The seat of vitality is in the heart.
All instruments serve the divine heart.

Extroverts, Introverts and the Mystics


I would first like to lay out some spectrums:
Dissociation/Abstract ——— Association/Literal
Transcendence ———– Immanence

In the above 2 spectrums, we would have mystics to the far left, introverts in the middle, and extroverts to the far right.
So it might look something like this:
M = Mystic
I = Introvert
E = Extrovert

Our psyche projects life/emotion/feeling into the world and enlivens it.

For extroverts, I think the world objects and people are so totally mapped to their psyche that there is no distance.
They are completely tuned into this world.
So there is no abstraction, rather the world is literal and everything in it is literal.
It is the perfect projection of essence giving total reality to the world and its objects.
For example: If an extrovert says I want that specific car, then his feelings permeate the whole car.
The car literally carries his projected feelings perfectly.
So when the car moves, it is his bundle of feelings literally moving.
So similes and metaphors would not apply since there is no distance between the projection and the object.

Introverts I feel, do not attach to the objects themselves directly but do so to the mental representation of the objects.
So they are a layer removed from the literal and are slightly abstract.
So introverts may use similes, metaphors or abstract concepts more, in their communication.
They see the world with SOME distance and the mental representation in the intermediate layer they interface with the most.
The objects serve as a cue to trigger their mental representation, and then the focus is a bit more internal i.e. on the representation.

Mystics I feel are on the far left end.
They are 1 layer further removed from even the mental representation of objects.
So they inhabit a space that is highly abstract and they witness the deep activity of the symbolic deeper mind.
So their communication tends to be heavy in allegory, metaphor, analogy, and symbols.
One must contemplate on what a mystic says to truly understand it.

This makes me wonder, could we say extroverts are in the nucleus of this world (realm)? (though in conventional life we look at it in the exact opposite way i.e. seeing extroverts as the ones moving around the most)
The introverts are on the nearby electron orbits?
And the mystics are on the outermost electron orbits?
I feel the mystic/free-thinker is a free electron and enjoys a certain freedom in terms of moving around between different atoms and molecules. (which is an analogy for moving in and out of different higher context worlds with an abstract understanding that works in all those worlds)

I feel the mystic operates on the fringe. He is a messenger, a link between the known and the unknown, a link between order and chaos, and he brings back information from the other worlds and assists the evolution of others.

Algorithm for solving all problems

Look at the emotions now (look at the contraction)
Ask – what is the cause of them? – find the mental stories and write them down.
Ask – what would be the antidote for this? – find the antidote mental stories
Ask – what is the wisdom about such a situation/event/condition happening to someone?
Ask – what is the wisdom that someone would need to process/complete/let go of this?
Final Step:
Complete the process and Let Go!

The mind can see all at once

Your eyes are seeing everything at once.
Similarly your mind sees everything at once too, just like your eyes.
The logical part of mind should be a servant to this global seeing/feeling/sensing mind.
Because the logical part of mind is the map, while this global seeing instantaneous mind is the territory.
The map should reflect the territory, and not the other way.
If you only use logical frameworks divorced from actual-gestalt-instantaneous-whole-sensing, then this unchanging logical framework with GRATE on the changing whole, and create suffering all the time as a result.

Louder passions vs. softer passions

Whatever is done/spoken/communicated/acquired in passion – dies with the ending of the passion.
It is a passionate state of mind – and it ends quickly.
The lack of deeper passion is what we call lack of soul OR the deeper passion is subconscious and in chaos, and to escape from that chaos, a passion is created and pushed out – to create the passionate state of mind.
This is what creates the feeling of superficiality and deeper emptiness.
To give an example, Lust is passion too.
The arousal of lust is the arousal of passion.
One can become addicted to states of passion and always desperately stay passionate, because when they sink deeper into themselves, they see the chaos that actually lies underneath.
But passion is a highly limited/limiting state.
The louder the passion, the more limited it is.
Spectrum of passion:
Very soft ———————— Very loud.
The loudest passions take the most energy and are sustained for a very short period of time. They create intense purpose and also dissolute as easily and fast.
The softer passions are the more enduring ones that give a person a sense of prolonged fullness and purpose.
So if you are feeling empty in life – then you probably need to go deeper, and become more dispassionate, silence yourself more and see the softer/lighter/subtler territory you are blind to at present, because of drowning that with louder passions (arousing them to escape the deeper pain).
Passion Blinds! The louder passions drown the subtler ones.
[Like notice when lust fills you up, almost all your motivation energy is redirected]
Moving to the subtler realm of passions may feel like death, because it is sinking and letting go of all the louder passions that have hitherto driven you.
What we call the soul, might refer to this deeper realm of subtle passions/forces.
Passions = Forces, basically.
So it can also be worded as, greater forces drown the subtler forces.
[Just like loud noises drown soft ones, and just like how bright lights drown softer lights (like how we cannot see stars at daytime)]

Vacating the emotional body

I have vacated my feeling body, and living in my thinking body only.
My feeling body has been forsaken.
So the feeling body is full of pain/chaos/disharmony/pain from the lack of attention.
I would go into the feeling body only through the “thinking body vehicle” as if I am doing an excavation in a ruins site by safely visiting it via a closed vehicle.
I need to instead go underneath the mental body, deep dive into directly feeling the pure emotions and sort it out at the liquid-feeling-level itself, by keeping consciousness with it without disowning/abandoning it.
That is the betrayal, that is the abandonment, that is the emptiness.
That neglect is what has left the feeling body is chaos/ruin/vagaries ruled by pure subconscious chaotic random forces.
It is a disowning. And that part of me is in constant chaos.
So the way out would be through loving and staying with all that pain continuously as a commitment unflinchingly.
That eternal commitment is love, to stay with it unconditionally no matter what.
If I cannot do this for myself, then how I can I do it for any other?
The emotional reality is the bedrock prior to the thinking reality which only really gets active around 8 years of age.
Its time to deep dive and do a reclamation. Those ruins are mine.
The idea is to examine that with non-resistance and non-effort, where does consciousness go – and being with that completely and never vacating that OBJECT.
Emotions frighten me as a result, because I am helpless against my own emotions.
I work with emotions indirectly through the mind/thought in an indirect way and use all kinds of deflections from directly-squarely accepting and owning the direct chaos and pain.
And what I don’t accept/own/reclaim will persist in its “rookie state of development” until it receives my undivided attention/commitment/love.
That is the only thing that ever healed anything anyway.

So what’s the answer? – Sit with the pain, Own the pain, Commit to never leave it, and stay with it unconditionally (love it).
That genuine, unflagging unremitting, incessant commitment to BE with all of your feeling at the deepest imaginable/accessible levels is what will ultimately serve.

My main practice

– Stay as the mirror mind: All is a moving reflection of the unnamable. Nothing more, nothing less.
– Surrender/Let go/Release all “formations” and “contractions” of energy. That is the only doing/undoing.
– Propriocept the subtlest sensation. Stay as silent/receptive as possible.

Converting Depression into Flow

The thing about depression is that, it is only seen in relativity.
There is some benchmark of performance, ability, condition that you are comparing your current state against.

The 2 broad relativity elements:
– One element is relativity w.r.t other people and their state of mind you observe/intuit/vicariously feel/experience/empathize with.
– The other element is relativity with your own happy memories and memories of other freer states of mind with higher possibilities.

To avoid the 1st relativity, you can isolate yourself.
To avoid the 2nd relativity, you can try to absorb your mind in something.

If there is an “interest potential” present in the mind, and you can simply tap into that. Like something you really want to read about, a video you wanted to watch etc. In my experience, there is always something the mind is most interested in – at every moment.
We think of the mind as a noun, a thing.
But actually it is a verb, a flow, a movement.
Without movement of the mind, you would be in deep sleep.
So one method is to simply BE and FLOW as the whole mind, and let it go where-ever it wants to. You will notice in this approach, the mind will automatically after a while center itself on some core issues, road block in your life that is troubling you.

Generally, if a deep need of yours is not fulfilled, the mind will naturally get preoccupied with that. So one way to avoid resistance and struggle is to surrender to whatever interest appears. It can be anything. Many a times, this spontaneous interest might be quite out of line, with what you would like yourself to be/think/do/act etc. But those images are precisely the ones that need to be surrendered. That way, the mind can simply flow with whatever movement it naturally has.
It will naturally mobilize and center itself in the direction of your core issue/problem if you just allow it. It will eventually settle on your deepest longings.

The main suffering here is of NOT ACCEPTING the states of longing, desperation, looping thoughts, obsessions, fixations, chaos, slowness, heaviness, debilitation, fatigue, emptiness, guilt, regret, feeling sorry, pity, anger, rage, uneasiness, unpleasantness, physical pain, stuckness of forces, despair regarding where to move.
So if you just allow the whole mind to flow, it will take you down a deep rabbit hole and solve everything as it goes through that. Your life experience may change in unimaginable ways and you may comprehend mystical insights far above your current level.

Chakric Realms and God frequency

1 – When physicality dominates – emotions are silenced.
2 – When emotion dominates – mind is silenced.
3 – When mind dominates – love is silenced.
4 – When love dominates – true expression (doing the right thing in accordance with divine principle) is silenced.
5 – When true expression dominates – perception is silenced.
6 – When perception dominates – the divine is silenced.
Ultimately the goal is harmony of the whole.
And this harmony is already present once ‘WE’ step out of the way and let the effortless/perfect unfolding happen.
Even the slightest personal doing on our part (in any of these realms) results in disruption of the smooth flow.
So our personal doing is the ignorance.
The “Person” is “IGNORANCE” itself.
In truth, there is no real/substantial person, beyond it being just one of the appearances.
YOU do not exist.
Illumination is to see there is no person.
Rather there is only divine light, and the person was just a form that was held onto, because of FALSE IDENTIFICATION.
So all holding on is false identification and ignorance.
Letting go, in all the chakric realms will free all your chakras.
Desire moves everything.
Desire/Longing for this transcendence and its movement is the upward movement of the being frequency itself.
It is the movement of “being” towards God frequency.
The God frequency is the highest frequency (tends to infinity).
When Being realizes it is the God frequency, then it allows everything and gives total freedom to all forms in the higher density realms, meaning total freedom, release and full understanding of all chakras.
The journey to God is a miraculous one/unimaginable one, you can never know how it will take shape.
If you know how it works, that means, that knowing is a dead structure, that needs to be made alive with divine light and freed.