Postmodernist vs. Traditionalist


* The postmodernist is in denial of limitations…….The traditionalist is in denial of potential
* The postmodernist is in love with the idea of all is nurture…..The traditionalist is in love with the idea that all is nature
* The postmodernist sees truth as entirely subjective…..The traditionalist sees truth as entirely objective
* The postmodernist is mystical/abstract…..The traditionalist is literal/practical
* The postmodernist thinks in metaphysical terms……The traditionalist thinks in physical terms
* The postmodernist is coming from top -> bottom…….The traditionalist is coming from bottom -> top
* The postmodernist believes lower instincts come from the higher…..The traditionalist believes the higher functions are only to serve lower instincts
* The postmodernist is coming from the heaven standpoint…..The traditionalist is coming from the earth standpoint
* The postmodernist is a rebel/renegade/systems-transformer…..The traditionalist is a systems-maintainer/protector/supporter
* The postmodernist ego is tilted to superego service…..The traditionalist ego is tilted to id service
* The postmodernist is relativist…..The traditionalist is absolutist

I could also call these poles by other names such as:
Liberals vs. Conservatives
It reminds me of Alan Watts and his classification of people into 2 broad types:
Prickly(Traditionalist) and Goo(Postmodernist).
Now how do we marry these 2 poles :)?

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