Stages of Death

Chaos is always a stage that precedes full disappearance.
From coherent structure -> as energy withdraws -> there is disintegration -> more and more structure is released -> then there are remnants, fragments left -> finally there is complete vanishing/disappearing.
So to ALLOW death is to allow the above process and letting go of all that is dying.
In such a process, the whole tries to die as gracefully as it can, as it loses all structure and moves into the cocoon state of complete surrender.
This is an organic law, and applies to DEATH of EVERYTHING, every form, every idea, every concept, every conceivable thing.
We may see this law across infinite scales.
Like the sun may vanish/die fully back into the universe in 10^10 years.
Every star too has its birth and death, but the scale is so large from our perspective.
To go back into the infinite is to DIE.
To come back into form is to be BORN.
On the smallest scale, relative to human experience, maybe the fastest flash we can perceive might be 1/100th of a second.
So even this flash goes through the same ORGANIC BIRTH and DEATH process I have spoken about above.
A human experience birth and death span maybe 80-100 years.
While the flash’s experience birth and death would span 10ms.
Maybe we have a higher nature experience or soul whose EXPERIENCE might have a birth and death span of 100,000 years (just for imagination).fade_to_black_animation_by_soulkreig-d34zj03

Everything is “experience”.
The law of nature is that,
All “experience objects” go through BIRTH AND DEATH
All the “experience objects” simply differ in SCALE of MAGNITUDE and TIME PERIOD
Like cosine waves of experience riding on each other.

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