Dimensions of Being

From bottom to top:
Dim. 6: Then you have your light ground (Light freq.-Awareness)
Dim. 5: Then you have your perception ground (Electric freq.-Perception)
Dim. 4: Then you have your belief ground (Ether freq.- Sound)
Dim. 3: Then you have your heart/investment ground (Gravity freq.-Attraction)
Dim. 2: Then you have your mental ground (Air freq.- Mental)
Dim. 1: Your emotional existence is your next ground (Liquid freq.-Emotions)
Dim. 0: Your physical existence is your ground dimension (Solid freq.-Physical)

What ground are you standing on?
Which one is shaky?
Which one gives you trouble?
Which one has the most attachments?
Which one is transparent?

Each ground gets transparent when that “particular frequency range” that it represents is fully “let go”.
If you are experiencing one of the grounds, it means, you are still holding on to energetic forms in that particular frequency band.
These dimensions can also be called chakras or chakric realms.

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