Do not

Do not push things out
Do not collect things faster than they come to you
Do not hold on
Do not maintain
Do not try to relax when you are active
Do not try to be active when you are relaxing
Do not try to participate when you are withdrawing
Do not withdraw when you are naturally participating
Do not practice anything whatsoever
Do not suppress
Do not express
Do not be courteous
Do not do your duty
Do not CARE when you DON’T CARE
Do not pay attention
Do not listen
Do not perceive
Do not think
Do not respond
Do not speak
Do not move
Do not see
Do not……….
Do not do any action
Do not do anything

Do not get in the way of the whole
Do not make a part disturb the effortless movement of the whole
Surrender/Relax all effort because all effort is “the part” trying to drive “the whole”
This is impossible and it only disturbs the smooth movement of “the whole” and creates suffering and disturbance of the unfolding of the effortless whole

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