No “being” can transform itself

No “being/thing” can transform itself.
All transformation comes from Above/Divine/God/Grace.
In the hierarchy from gross to subtle objects:
Subtle —S1—-S2—-G1–G2—- Gross
For example only S1 can transform S2.
So in a sense, all transformation is from GRACE only.
Because at any instant, you cannot change WHAT YOU ARE.
You can only use the powers of what is available from WHAT YOU ARE (you can only use the energy potentials available).
For instance, if your current state is G2, no action of yours will get you to G1 except GRACE.
Only GRACE can bring you to G1 (if you are in G2), because all action is coming FROM who you are, so it cannot change who you are.
So enjoy the ride of being a far out adventurer returning home, with the whole ride directed by UNKNOWN/ABOVE/GOD/GRACE/DIVINE.

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