Each situation is 100% unique

Each situation/moment is 100% unique
So all knowledge is “past”
All self is “past” too
Because “self” is just a persistent structure that is maintained
To be in the NOW, is to BE THE NOW
Which is nothing
Because there is 100% change at every moment
So you realize YOU “ARE” NOTHING
That is, What you “ARE” (meaning persistent, real, solid you), is NOTHING
This NOTHING is not an object/concept itself, it is not a thing.

It is not that “You” “WITNESS” the “NOW”
That would be 3 things, but in reality there is only ONE.
You can only BE the NOW.
Its even better to say BE NOW (removed the ‘the’ because that implies NOW is a thing/concept/object)
The NOW is the ECSTASY of CHANGE/VIBRATION itself, it is a Endless VERB.
The NOW is nothing.
Because there is no thing in a flow, a flow simply keeps changing forever.
But nothing includes all the somethings.

If you are witnessing, that would imply there is a persistent WITNESS.
But even that doesn’t exist ABSOLUTELY (it is possible to hold on to a witness however, and thereby have the experience of the witness stay)
Everything you think you are, is just a holding on.
Eventually even the witness is let go.

Until there is a witness, there is a concept of seeing, letting go, and agency.
But the dissolving of the witness itself is an act of the divine itself.
Because the witness cannot dissolve itself.

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