What is sex ultimately about?

All sex is about union/merging/combining/melting into the loved object.
Sex = Process of union.
Process of one infinity merging with another infinity.
One eternal perspective merging with another eternal perspective.
One platonic form (essence of being) merging with another platonic form (essence of being).
So in the physical act, what is unioned with? – the bodies, the minds, the hearts(souls).
It is the merging of my body/mind/heart qualities with another’s body/mind/heart qualities.
The merging of my presence with another’s presence.
In a way sex is the ultimate desire.
To union and expand is our ultimate desire.
Our ultimate desire is to BE everything.

Why do we talk with each other?
Why do we form relationships?
Why do we try to understand each other?
Why do we do things together?
Why do we invest in others?
Its all in the quest of merger and expansion.

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