A master student dialogue

Master: Everything IS the way it IS.

Student: Why is your IS better than my IS?

Master: It is part of your IS, to look at my IS, imagine it is better, feel jealous about your own imagined better-ness projected on me, and ask this question.

Student: Why does my IS do such a thing?

Master: Do not empower this question. Else it will endlessly make you seek, while the question in itself will hide inside you and control all your energy. The answers to the question will weave a web and waste your time, because the true solution is in the opposite direction.

Student: What must I do?

Master: Do not empower that you must do something. That will only lead to endless doing -> progress -> becoming. The energy investment in ‘becoming something’ is the problem. This investment only increases the more energy you give it, leading to endless becoming and every time you arrive, you realize you still want to become even more intensely.

Student: Should I then just watch the doing and empower the watcher instead? That would cause my doing energy to diminish and I would collapse into the “SEEING” itself?

Master: Yes, empowering the awareness is a good technique to rarify the energy. However even this abstract notion/concept of looking/awareness/noticing/noting/observing has to be dropped. A practice operates at a certain level of abstraction and fineness. It can only dissolve all the material that is underneath it. It cannot dissolve itself. To dissolve the practice, you must move upwards to a finer practice that can dissolve the coarser practice.

Student: But wouldn’t that go on endlessly? In the spectrum of:
(infinity) Finer —————————- Gross (infinity)

Master: When you realize this completely, you have already moved into a more abstract practice. Yes, there are endlessly levels of refinement, freedom, power, creativity possible. There is no endpoint, there is nowhere to arrive. This is an infinite fall.

Student: If it is an infinite fall, then by the definition of infinity, I am always in the center, then why should I move at all? Why can’t I just stay here?

Master: Of course there is no need to move at all, you can just stay here, ‘IF YOU CAN’. Can you do that? Isn’t there an energy in you that is driving/pushing you around? Be true to your highest inspiration/highest potential/highest joy at all times and KEEP MOVING. Its all an endless adventure.

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