Nature of Nature vs. Human Games

Animals, Plants and Nature, do not grow leg by leg, branch by branch, being by being.
Everything is simultaneous and instantaneous, spontaneously arising from NOTHING.
All animals and plants and nature grow and transform holistically, wholly, synergistic-ally, organically, harmonically.
Even dreams at night don’t happen frame by frame or section by section in the scene, the whole scene instantly appears.
Similarly even the world, simply appears from nothing and the whole world comes into ‘being’ together.
That constant synergistic spontaneous instantaneous organic movement of existence as ONE WHOLE is the real nature of everything.
This nature of existence and all the phenomenon we refer to as the natural world is in great contrast to the human systems which use this whole divide and conquer, linear, staged, part by part approach to growth.
Spontaneous instantaneous simultaneous unfolding from Nothing is the real nature of everything.
Exactly like a dream.

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