What does all suffering come down to?

All suffering seems to come down to – Availability/Capability of energy to do what you are expected/supposed to do, in your situation.
– There are varying degrees of how much you can satisfy expectation.
– And then there is the threat of not satisfying it. Greater the threat, more the suffering. The threat might be from a probability of loss.
– So all personal reality desires/fears is in “resistance” or “potential resistance” with God reality and its movement. Union with ‘What IS’ is the only solution.
– God’s reality is unknowable, so the only way to live in it is to BE the moment, and embodying/living as the unknown/mystery itself.
– To live with any knowing, is to live with an anchor, and that would not be in line with the underlying mystery reality.
– Ultimately, the “person” does exist in darkness. Illumination removes/dissolves “personhood”.
– Because ultimately personhood represents desire. Desire comes with its concomitant of fear as part of the same coin. And desire is a contraction of consciousness, just as fear is.
– So personhood is a sort of tunnel vision, missing the larger picture, missing the point. Personhood can only exist in ignorance and light will fade personhood away. More the light, less the personhood.
– When there is maximum light, there is only infinite potential unfolding in a mystery.

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