About dissociation = deadness

When a person is dissociated, they are totally desensitized, its as if that dimension of themselves is dead and sacrificed for others.
There is no ‘real heart, desire, will’ behind the actions of their dissociated parts.
If people has dissociated from their body completely, like say girls in massage parlors, strip clubs, they may as well be looked at as bodies made of rubber.
In such places, they also have a pretend fake personality intended to lure you.
Even that personality is just deadness, plasticness.
It is not a personality they uphold from real love, or their true desire/will.
They use their body and personality as a means to an end. Its like the real person is somewhere hidden inside, using a joystick to control a rubber body and to portray a certain personality.
Deadness = Uncreativity. That is one easy way to identify if spirit is infused into something or not. Which is why a lot of times, you will find them highly predictable and robotic-ish.
If spirit is infused in something, that thing would be alive, ALIVENESS = CREATIVITY.
The body is not alive when it is dissociated from.
The issue with people who are dissociated like this, is that, they will be totally un-compassionate and unrealistic with their dissociated parts and they may potentially program others too under their care, to take on this burden and deal with it the same way, by disowning.
Because once a part is dissociated from, its as good as disowned or dead.
Its like that part has no feeling, like an anesthetized arm.
You can beat anyone as hard as you want with that anesthetized arm, even get your own bones broken in that arm, because ultimately you have disowned that part completely, it is just a dead hand. You do not care what happens to it and will use it as a tool to accomplish your desire, just like one uses a hammer and does not really care if the hammer breaks.

Dissociated parents, say who are overly polite, sacrificial to others, will demand the same of their children. So the child understands the 1. EXPECTATION and 2. Dissociation as the way to deal with it. Both these things are directly osmotically taken in from the parents and then the malady reproduces itself in the child.
This I assume must be happening in the whole sex workers industry too. The EXPECTATION+DISSOCIATION must be passed on and taught from generation to generation. Each one is taught to firstly disconnect their will from their bodies (dissociate) and then surrender the body for another’s will to get money.

But if we notice carefully, what we EVER want in life is only true spirit and true will. Without these, you only get DEAD stuff. All expectations are dead. This world we are in, feels like a sort of LIVING-DEAD, where spirit lives and navigates among the dead. As children we have much more spirit and more and more of it is lost as we age.

Psychopaths are essentially severely dissociated humans, most of what you treasure is something they have completely dissociated from. It might be something that is completely disposable to them, or they may even be totally unconscious of it.

If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, who is being overly nice and sacrificial to you, if you truly show love to him/her, interestingly he/she could possibly start to express anger, withdrawal and so on. This may be paradoxical to you, because how can they get angry when you are giving them love. Well, that is because the love that you gave them, has caused them to doubt the validity of their whole facade. It is too painful for them to accept that the personality they put so much effort into maintaining, is simply a burden and not necessary with you. So they are overcome with fear and mistrust, and think its too good to be true and therefore start to sabotage it as a test – with the fine print saying “please fail me, so that I can be convinced my old way was right”.

There is no use of bestowing great love upon a person’s dissociated parts, because he does not believe he is THAT anyway and therefore cannot receive your gifts of affection no matter how profuse it may be. So in such a case, you may have the feeling of all your affection getting drained into a black hole. That is because nothing is received. Only what is owned by spirit can receive spirit. The dead cannot receive anything. Its like intensely projecting affection to a stone statue in order to bring it to life, won’t happen. So the truth of the matter of dissociation has to be seen clearly. Find out what the person believes he is, first, because that is where his spirit resides and that is the only part of him that can receive.

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