All of existence IS your desire

Ultimately if we go deep into our hearts, “this” is exactly what we want.
All of manifestation is our desire.
All of existence is our desire.
If anything exists we desire it to exist.
We are god with the desire to play and live as this separate self(human) and experience life exactly the way we are experiencing it right now.
Life itself as a phenomenon is our own desire.
If we did not desire it, it would not be this way.
What we are holding on to is exactly what we want.
If it is something we really didn’t want, it would have instantly disappeared and changed to what we want.
The force that upholds all of existence is our desire.
Our essence is existence.
Another way to put it is, all existence is our essence.
If anything exists, it has to be part of us and our own desire.
And all the content that is existing is our desire.
Our own desire makes our essence take the form of what we desire (this world, our situation etc.)

I can use desire interchangeably with love. Desire = Love.
I can say, all of existence is the way it is, because we love it, our love is what upholds existence itself.
If we did not love it, existence would instantly stop existing.
We suffer because we love it, we love pain, we love all of the things we hate, we love to hate it.
We love our anxieties, tensions, negative emotions, turmoils, fears.
That is the reason they exist at all, if we did not love them, they would not receive life from us and cannot exist at all.
All of existence is upheld by desire/love.
Look around, what we see/feel/hear/think is exactly the way we want it.
If we did not want this, that means, we love to “Not want this”, we love to struggle against it.
When we stop loving to struggle, we will shift our love to peace, then our essence will take the form of peace.
But again, it is possible that we love to long for peace, but we do not love to actually get it, because the journey is more fun that way right?
Longing is fun too, and a lot of things, we purposely deny ourselves so that we can long for them.
So even that is the love of longing.
We can have love for depression and sadness too, which is why it even exists.
Another way to put it “Only what we love can exist”
So if something exists, it means we love it.

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