Pointlessness of masks/manipulations

There is no point in manipulating anyone to like you.
Those who will, WILL like you.
Those who will not, WILL NOT.
If I pretend and get someone to like me, then even if they do – they are not liking me, but liking my act.
Ultimately I will reveal my true self because that is the reason I did the act itself.
How long can I carry the burden of the act which is nothing but liability?
My true desire sits along in the cave behind the act anyway.
When I do reveal my truth, this is the part that is already written – about whether of not they WILL like me (which is already written in stone).
So all ‘acting’ is just postponement.
Instead it is wiser to just BE THE TRUTH, and let what comes ‘the like or dislike’ come which is anyways already written in stone/programmed.
At least you are avoiding getting in your way and creating deceptions and therefore creating the postponement of knowing what is the truth anyway.

One Reply to “Pointlessness of masks/manipulations”

  1. Very very true .Every human’s desire is to be liked and accepted.for our true opinions which may defer most of the time So every act done towards acceptance will turn out to be pretending or masking . IT IS ALWAYS GOOD TO BE TRUE TO OURSELVES COME WHAT MAY. BUT WE SHOULD HAVE THE GUTS TO ACCEPT THE REALITIES THAT COME ALONG WITH IT.

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