Description is not REALITY, but rather, it is its OWN REALITY

The reality before and after description are separate realities.
They are like 2 different frames of a movie.
Each frame has its own valid existence independent of the other.

So say, you see a flower.
I then describe the flower to you – i.e. tell you a story, connect to other concepts/images/memories/conceptual hierarchies/ontologies (you already know).
Then you may say, “Oh, now I understand what this flower is”.
If I ask you what your previous state was, you would say it was “Ignorance”.
But in truth, both your “previous state” and “post-understanding state” are like 2 different full/complete/whole/valid/separate frames of the movie.
They both are equally valid and complete reality states.
So in a sense, nothing has been added to you in your new state of knowledge, from the absolute point of view. Only the experience content/form has changed.
You are the same ‘whole’ that has changed. Nothing has been added or subtracted from your essential substance by this knowledge.

That is why the mystics say on realization “We have never left THIS, ever”.
So the THAT they are in contact with, is transcendent of all experience (and all experience is essentially content, so it is transcendent of all content too).

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