[Creation/Destruction] are ONE

Imagine the spectrum in ‘Experience’:
Slowest changing—————— Fastest changing

OR Imagine multiple layers one on top of each other.
– The lowest layer is the slowest changing and relatively solid and persistent
– The topmost layer is the fastest changing layer shimmering at the highest
Imagine yourself to be the observer looking at the stacked layers from the top.
That is what the experience of reality is like.

All there is, is change in experience at various scales/rates:
– Impressions/perceptions are dying/creating at a speed of 1/10000th of a sec.
– Similarly at a human scale the range is 75-95 years.
– And this goes all the way to the yugas(various ages), maha-yugas and so on.

For existence to endlessly sparkle, seems like there has to be simultaneous:
Life/Death, Creation/Destruction, Constant change and transformation.
The existing has to disappear for a new form to emerge and this happens again-again-again…at various change rates as I described earlier.

Constant change (implies ouroboros – simultaneous creation and destruction)
So life itself is a constant change, constant transformation, therefore creation-destruction together at each instant.
Its like a movie screen, each pixel is changing, so every pixel is dying-creating, dying-creating at a rapid rate to create the moving picture.
This is happening at all scales.
Every moment is absolutely fresh and new.

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