[Buddhic, Sattvic, Rajasic, Tamasic] Appearances and the mystery of God

A train of thought I was having today. Folks might find it interesting

Knowledge of the world of men vs. knowledge of the world of God?

The knowledge in the world of men, is a layer that goes over knowledge of the world of god. It is the attempt to describe god’s various appearances.
But there is no knowledge in the world of God, there is simply 100% BEING in fearlessness. Nothing can be known in the world of God, because everything is an appearance, everything is a mystery.

Hmm, but you do have buddhic, sattvic, rajasic, tamasic gunas that appear in the world of god and these appearances can be known as they appear. But nevertheless, the true nature of everything is absolutely unknowable and a mystery. Its like I can know the apple picture shown in my computer screen, but the true nature of the ONE (the program behind the picture) animating the screen with appearances is unknowable.

Knowledge is possible only when you stand apart from being and reflect on what is seen in your mind. And then store those principles in your brain to protect you? We create an intellectual framework in this manner to function and protect ourselves. But in truth, even all that is an appearance, the intellectual framework and the knowledge that comes out of it.

If all appearances are a mystery, then knowledge we gain out of studying the appearances take 4 qualities:
– the tamasic world of materials/matter/machines/human body.
– Appearances of psychology, is the rajasic world of human psychology and emotion.
– Appearances of experiences/perceptions moment to moment is the sattvic world.
– And finally we call awareness the buddhic world, which is ever present.

The [buddhic, sattvic, rajasic, tamasic] are the broad qualities of the nature of appearances in this manifestation.
Almost like 4 layered worlds one on top of each other:
1. Material world, Human body, all machines
2. World of emotion and human psychology.
3. World of perception and experience.
4. World of awareness.
Its as if these 4 worlds are inhabited together in this manifestation.
The material world is the no most unchanging while the world of awareness is the most changing.

Unchanging —-1————2—————3———–4—– Changing

What we call knowledge is mostly belonging to category 1 and 2 i.e. material world+human psychology.

The 3, 4 worlds get highly subjective, creative, more complex, diverse and more changing. So most people in the world consider that too abstract and therefore live their whole lives with structures from 1,2.

The world 3 is where we get into religion, philosophy, beliefs, ego and so on. I think world 3 is the height of what can be converted and expressed in the linguistic framework of language.

After 3, there is super rich experience, but ineffable. It cannot be reduced to language. Just like a 320kbps MP3 file if compressed to 16kbps will sounds horrible and blocky and will totally lose the original quality of the song/composition.

Then beyond 4, it is absolutely ineffable, venturing into mystical experiences, samadhis and so on.

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