Transformation of the ego/the cyclic macrocosm-microcosm

All gross desires (to do things) will be lost.
All subtle desires(to think things) will be lost.
All gross and subtle movement of the separate self/psyche will stop.
Your ego will drift into deep sleep.
And the God reality of ‘What is’ will be still moving everything.
But “you” will be in deep sleep resting as immovable, timeless awareness and not doing anything anymore.
Because the ego drive/dream fuel/karma is exhausted.
(karma seen in this light does not look negative at all, its just dream karma).

[Even this sleeping analogy is wrong, because it implies a certain part is asleep and therefore it always exists (awake or sleeping), but in reality there is only transformation and sublimation. The same ONE STUFF transmutes and sublimates itself all the time.]

The loss of drives etc. seems to be the sleeping of the dream/ego.
Its interesting, when awareness goes to sleep, we call it ignorance.
When ignorance goes to sleep, awareness wake up to itself.
Maybe we are cyclically dreaming and waking in existence.
Egoic dreams spanning even many births and other realms
(Just like how we dream at night – many dreams in one night)
Maybe one night of ego dreams here might be a 1000 years of time.

Maybe the microcosm is the same as a macrocosm.
In the sense, maintaining the same ratios?
Like in a 24 hour period, we sleep for 1/3rd the time = 8 hours.
In that 8 hours, we dream for 3 hours.
And we are awake for 16 hours.
Now consider the ratios – 5:3:16
Maybe similarly in the grander scheme, we as souls have a 5 hour deep sleep, 3 hours of multiple egoic dreams of separation/being various creatures, and another 16 hours of being awake as a soul.
At a higher level, the oversoul might sleep 5 hours, dream paradigms/realities like this earth realm for 3 hours, and then stay awake for 16 hours. Even higher than that, we may have the various yugas – Kali Yuga, Dwarpa Yuga, Treta Yuga and Sat Yuga

It is just like the structure of cosmos too:
– The moon revolves around the earth – with a certain time period
– Earth revolves around the sun
– Sun revolves around the galaxy
– Galaxies revolve around a center too.

Now again, God can be revealed in any stage, at any time.
The revealing of god is the revealing of the substance of infinite awareness.

Sages everywhere say, waking up is moot.
But then there has to be a purpose for the ignorance too right.
It exists, its real, it is a creation of God.
Why is it there? Its obviously not bad.
Just like from a higher viewpoint, no experience is bad, everything is what it is, just like apple tastes sweet, and bitter gourd tastes bitter.

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