About Hope/Desire/What IS

Hope and Fear are 2 sides of the same coin.
Hope means Desire.
Desire means Ignorance.
All passion is from Ignorance.
Because desire implies that you think there is something better than ‘What IS’.
But even that ‘better’ you imagine simply ‘IS’, just like right now simply ‘IS’.
All possibilities simply ‘ARE’.
Even the desire you have is part of the ‘What IS’ happening now.
The subject/desire is an object of a changing ‘What IS’.
This is seen once you see from ‘Nothing’ point of view vs. seeing from the ‘Desire/Subject’ point of view.

So the IS’ness takes over everything and swallows the subject into its objectivity.
I could also say, the IS’ness swallows objectivity into its absolute subjectivity.
Both would be right
There is only ONENESS.

It is like the separate entity/ego/you standing against the outside world, simply merges into the world, like a drop would merge into the ocean and disappear into the ocean.

You are always the ocean, but experience life as a drop lost in the ocean. When this belief vanishes, you become the ocean and the dream of the drop is dissolved into the whole.

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